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How online casino games could ruin the Republican party

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There’s a huge push in the United States by several Republicans to ban online gaming at the national level. Behind the push is staunch Republican supporter Sheldon Adelson, as well as Senators and Congressmen who some might argue are in Adelson’s pockets (that’s American politics for you).

The push to ban online gaming federally likely won’t succeed. After all, three states have regulated online gaming and if the government were to step on their toes, absolute chaos would ensue.


Most people believe, and rightly so, that more and more states will regulate online gaming under the current federal laws that allow them to do so. Even with three states regulating it, we’ve pretty much hit the point of no return. And of course, should the United States take away state’s rights to offer online casino games, several international sites with servers based offshore will continue to offer legal, reputable games to millions of Americans.

But this isn’t about the Republic party ruining online gaming. It’s about the Republican party ruining itself because of their desire to get rid of online casino and poker games.

When President Obama rode into office in 2008, he did so by reaching out to young people He was a beacon of hope after 8 years of the Bush-era, or so many assumed. People were ready for change, and they were excited by a would-be President who embraced social media, stood for freedom, and was truly for the people.

Today, the Republican party needs to refocus what’s important to them. They need to stand for hope and optimism and freedom. But unfortunately, the desire to ban online gaming works against that entirely.

First, the younger generation of voters are people who grew up with the Internet. They’ve used social media for the last 8 years. They’ve been emailing for even longer. They do their banking online. They’re on Twitter. They’re connected to strangers all over the world. They see how some governments around the world restrict their citizens. And they are happy that they live in America where freedom prevails.


But a Republican party wants to tell them what they can and can’t do online. This isn’t about protecting Americans from the dangers of online gambling (which studies have proven are no more dangerous if not less dangerous than live casino games). It’s about the Republican party wanting to strip Americans of their rights to roam the Internet.

Will today’s younger generation of voters support a party that wants to play Big Brother and tell them what they can’t do online and how they should spend their money? Not a chance. For the Republican Party to succeed in the 2016 election, they need to embrace more people, not alienate them. The desire to ban iGaming will only serve to hammer home the message that the Republican party is out of touch with Americans and stands for nothing more than restricting the freedoms of law-abiding citizens who are smart enough to make their own decisions.

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