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How to Relax When You’re Losing

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how to realx when you are losing

One of the best things about playing online casino games is that sometimes you win. Actually, that is the biggest draw to online gaming; that magical chance to strike it rich with that one enormous jackpot. The problem is that for every one time you win, there are three times you lose. So, what do you do when you’re in a losing streak? Do your hands get shaky? Do you begin to sweat profusely? Do you bite your nails down to nubs? Do you hyperventilate?

Stop it! Don’t freak out. You’re losing; everyone loses once in a while. The trick is to learn to relax when you’re losing so that you don’t mess up your chances to win again. There’s nothing more telling at the poker table than the “tell” that says you have a good hand after so many bad hands.

Here’s what you do to relax when you’re on a losing streak.

Take Deep Breaths


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathing is the most natural thing you can do to calm yourself down. If you’re losing streak and it feels like the walls are closing in around you the best thing to do is to push yourself away from the table, or computer, and just breathe. This sends much needed oxygen to the brain, where its need most, so that you can begin to think clearly. Clear thinking is exactly what you need in a situation like this.

Moderation is the Key


If you are experiencing a losing streak, you need to pack up your wallet and walk away. You’ve probably already heard the old adage, “Quit while you’re ahead.” If you’ve been winning up to this point, and now you’ve had three bad hands in a row, pick up the chips you have left, cash in, and enjoy the money you were able to keep. Nothing is more relaxing than spending money you’ve won without worrying about all the money you lost.

Accountability Partner


When you go gambling, or if you play online casino games, one of the most effective tools in the “relax” arsenal is to have someone you trust keep an eye on you. No, this isn’t babysitting, it’s accountability.

When you’re in a losing streak and you need a break, your accountability partner will pull you back from the brink, give you something cold to drink, encourage you to either fold or push through it, and then help you spend your winnings.

When you play online casino games, or when you’ve ventured into the world of the brick and mortar casino, knowing the tricks to relaxing can actually help you be a better player.

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