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How to tell if your friend is an online casino enthusiast

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You can tell nature lovers by the food choices they make and the clothes they wear. Technology fanatics are outfitted in Google Glasses, Samsung smart watches, and who knows what else. Those who are religious show the obvious signs that they love the man upstairs through clothing, headpieces, and jewelry.

But what about casino enthusiasts? Is there a way to tell if someone loves playing online casino games? Can you discover if someone treats Internet casino games as a religion? Yup, you can. Here are the sign to look for in your friends to find out if they’re online casino enthusiasts.

Their voice mail has the sound of online slot machines in the background


When you call your friends, is there music in the background? And if so, is it the sound of slot machine music and casino sound effects? If yes, there’s a good chance they recorded that message while enjoying online casino games. We recommend texting them instead of calling them. Chances are they’ll be too focused to answer.

Their desktop wallpaper is an online blackjack table


Lots of people opt for calming ocean waves, a picturesque beach, or a portrait of their loved ones to grace their laptop background. But if your friend has an online blackjack table as a desktop background, there’s a chance they love to play at online casino games.

Their screensaver is a spinning online roulette wheel


I’ve seen words of wisdom, a scrolling news ticker, and even random odd shapes as screensavers. But a friend of mine who is a diehard online casino fanatic has a roulette wheel as a screensaver. Even if you’re not as extreme of an enthusiast, the spinning roulette wheel is a pretty good idea, especially if you’re rocking a monitor that is prone to burn-in.

They have a Vegas-themed mouse pad


Sure, a Vegas-themed mouse pad could be a sign that your friend loves live gambling, not just online casinos. But if the Vegas-themed mouse pad is of that legendary “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign with “Las Vegas” replaced with “My Laptop”, then you know they’re all about playing online casino games.

When they use the ATM, they scream with excitement when the money comes out


OK, maybe this one is a little far fetched. But I know a few guys like this myself. When they hit the ATM to take money out. The scream, “Come on!” and “Daddy needs a new pair of shoes” as the ATM makes contact with the servers. And then when the money starts to dispense, they shout with extreme excitement as if they just hit a huge score playing online craps.

They’ve got a casino themed tattoo


Not just any tattoo. A playing card tattoo. And instead of the 10 of spades on their arm, it’s the 1001011001010 of spades. That’s a binary joke for all your Internet fanatics.

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