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Iron Masks, Treadmills and Wives? Three of the most preposterous bets ever made

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Many theorists have argued that betting is intrinsically linked to the human condition. Our rational and animal sides converge at the time of betting, as we match mathematical odds with the rush we get from tempting fortune. This theory could easily explain one of the reasons why human beings become hooked on gambling. We find the possibility of controlling fate highly stimulating. However, a famous saying goes: “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings” and sometimes the craziest bets can arise from the fact that their participants had a little too much free time and creativity on their hands. And, although we would not call these bets devilish in any measure, the amount of money or “goods” bet and earned feels positively sinful and quite ludicrous.

Let’s Walk the Earth Anonymously


Let’s start with one of the oldest and most unbelievable bets ever made. In 1907, Hugh Cecil Lowther, the Earl of Lonsdale, and business philanthropist John Pierpont Morgan were in the middle of a heated argument: they were arguing over the possibility of a man traveling by foot all around the world without being identified once.

By 1908, their ongoing debate had added certain inventive stipulations to make this bet even more implausible. First, the man in question would only be allowed a set of extra trousers. Second, he would be forced to wear an iron helmet, and lastly, he would have to push a baby carriage throughout his enterprise. However, the most amazing thing about this wager is that a man actually weighed the terms and decided to go through with it.

Harry Bensley, a noted playboy and troublemaker, took the bet to win a £21,000 prize. To really be worthy of such a high reward, he would not only have to achieve being unrecognized, but also he would have to find a wife and sell postcards of his likeness while wearing a suit of armor. Although Bensley supposedly spent the next six years traveling through America, Japan, China, Ireland, Turkey, and India, the bet had to be stopped due to the surge of World War I. However, Morgan and Lonsdale took Bensley’s efforts into account and ended up rewarding him with £4,000.

Three Marathons Worth


The second craziest bet, although far more current, also involves the likes of walking, well, running to be exact. Known poker star Ashton Griffin a.k.a “Ashman103” bet his fellow poker player friend Haseeb Qureshi $285,000 that he could run 70 miles on a treadmill in the span of 24 hours. To put the bet into perspective, 71 miles is the equivalent of three marathons and the odds that Griffin place against himself were 3-1. Essentially, if he lost the bet, he would have to pay Qureshi the sum of $855,000.

Given the fact that the odds were quite appealing, Hassed decided to jump in on the bet. Trusting his athletic background as a college wrestler, Ashton decided to start the wager immediately, although he had been out partying the night before and had had roughly 5 hours of sleep. With such and forced imposition on the body, the concern for Griffin’s health was so severe than even his parents flew to be by his side while he ran and, although they tried to persuade him to drop the bet, Ashton kept his eye on the prize.

He took 1 hour long sleeping breaks and kept constantly hydrated and fed with a combination of sports drinks, nutrition bars, and spaghetti. In a testament of endurance and drive, Griffin beat the odds and completed the task with less than an hour to spare and in all around good health.

I bet you my wife!


Our third and perhaps our most ridiculous bet out of all three, not to mention the most politically incorrect one, happened in Russia in 2007, where a man used his own wife as leverage on a poker play. And they say most Russians aren’t romantics at heart!

Having run out of money, Andrey Karpov bet wife Tatiana in a card game against Sergey Brodov and lost! To make matters worse, Tatiana did not find out about the wager until Sergei showed up at their house to collect his “reward”.

Feeling utterly humiliated, Tatiana left Andrey the same day, leaving him to his penniless heartbroken devices. In an unexpected and quite ironic turn of events, Tatiana ended up marrying Sergey, who she found to be quite handsome and charming, even if he “won” her in a poker game. Hey, we said she was proud, we never said she was a feminist!

Perhaps, what is to be learned about all of these stories is that a gambler’s drive can lead him or her to achieve amazing feats but, if not thought about carefully, you can lose something more valuable than chips and reputation. But do not worry, in Prism Casino we make betting easy by offering you a variety of games that can boost your winnings without compromising your body armor, health, or love life.

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