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It’s not just gambling you have to be responsible about

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When you think gaming addiction, what do you think about? People playing online poker and losing their shirt, right? Or people playing online poker and winning big, but not being able to walk away.


Gaming addiction is a big deal – and a huge problem. Those who play online and live can experience serious life issues if they become addicted to gaming. That includes not being able to focus on work, which leads to a loss of income. It could also mean watching your relationship with loved ones suffer because you’re failing to pay attention to them.

But here’s the thing. While I agree that online gaming can be just as addictive as live gambling, there are certain mechanisms in place to help people curb their addiction. For example, at Prism Casino, you can self-exclude yourself from our site if you think you have a gambling problem. You can also limit how much you’re allowed to deposit by asking us to lower the amount. And behind the scenes, we do a lot to watch for problem gamblers so that we can identify and help problem gamblers before things get too serious.


Even land-based casinos have certain mechanisms in place to help problem gamblers, though they aren’t as advanced as what online casinos do thanks to the technology involved on our end.

Now, online gambling and land-based gambling get a bad rap in terms of attracting and fueling addiction because there’s money involved. But online gambling isn’t the only type of gaming addiction. An equally serious concern is video game addiction, mainly those who play Xbox One or PS4 (or the older Xbox 360 and PS3).

I’ve left out Wii here purposely. I’m not saying that people don’t get addicted to their Nintendo, but the world of video games is far more immersive and involving in Sony and Microsoft’s world.

With an online community that you can connect with through headsets and microphones while playing, video games can be hugely addictive.


Video game addiction has actually made the list of the top 3 most expensive abnormal addictions, with energy drinks and shopping just edging out video games. And the rise of iPhone games, gaming addiction is becoming even more addictive. A respected tech blog has the story of a woman who spent $230 in one month playing Candy Crush. I wish I were joking.

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