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Las Vegas in Pics: A Casual Look at the Softer Side of Sin City

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Few places in the world are as easily recognizable as Las Vegas. In fact, few places are photographed as often either. There are many iconic images that have burned their way into the pop culture, which go way beyond the casinos and have become synonymous with what people think of when they think of Las Vegas. People all over the world, even those that have never set foot in Las Vegas, know the sites and scenes of sin city. While there are literally thousands of recognizable images that are associated with Las Vegas; we are only highlight a few below.

The Welcome Sign

Although no one keeps statistics on this, this sign has to be the most photographed welcome sign in the world. This image has simply become the sign for Las Vegas. It is used on postcards and pretty much anything that advertised Vegas. The beauty in the sign is that is has remained unchanged over time, and continues to be the universal image for showing up in Las Vegas.


Fremont Street

Images of Fremont Street represent what is considered old Vegas. It is a remnant of a bygone era in which gambling was the undisputed king of the town. Obviously, gambling is still important today, but it doesn’t hold the same stature as it did during the old days. Over the last few years, the area has reinvented itself to be more attractive to tourists and visitors.


The Bellagio

Even if you are not staying at the Bellagio, you can enjoy its beauty. If you are taking a stroll down the strip one night, you should nestle a spot up against the balcony overseeing the water to take in one of the many fountain shows that have every night. The water show is choreographed to music and it is a must see for both novice and experienced visitors to Las Vegas.



Las Vegas is also known for its beautiful architecture. One of the most amazing pieces it has there is the recreation of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino. By day it is a fantastic, but at night, it punctures the night sky and helps define the city of lights in the middle of the desert. Whether you are flying in or driving in, the Eiffel Tower is one of the first things you see on your approach.


Outdoor Pools

There are a number of pools in Vegas, this one pictured happens to be at the Mirage. The image of beautiful women hanging out poolside all day after a fun filled night has kept men of all ages flocking to the city for years now. Vegas has many traditions, and this is one of the better ones!


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