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Lucky Slots! The Luckiest Slots Online

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Good luck slots are among the most popular and most often won online casino games ever. Why? Well, the answer is simply that good luck slots are online slot machines that bring good luck – who wouldn’t want to play a slot machine that actually brought them luck, won them money, and kept the money flowing in? Now, we understand that many of you reading this don’t buy into the whole ‘good luck, bad luck’ world of gambling, but for those who don’t really play with strategy or skill, luck is all they have – and really, what more do you need to play slots?

When we were asked, “what are the luckiest online slots games?” we had to do our research. After doing our homework and asking around, we discovered that there are two lucky slots that should be considered the luckiest slots online; Cleopatra and Deal or No Deal slot machines.

Cleopatra’s Slot Machines


The Cleopatra slot machine game began as an actual slot machine in Las Vegas casinos. Cleopatra quickly became known throughout Vegas as one of the luckiest slot machines because it offered players a high payout rate, a generous amount of bonus symbols, free bonus rounds, and progressive Jackpots up to $1 million. Because it was so lucky for visitors to Vegas casinos, the game developers decided to bring this lucky slots game online where it became one of the luckiest slots online. The good news is that a version of this slot game is available right here at Prism Casino!

Deal or No Deal


The second lucky slots game we came across in our search was Deal or No Deal. This slots game was modeled after the real life game show hosted by Howie Mandel. It became such a hit to TV audiences that slot games designers and developers jumped at the chance to make it into a slot game. Why is this slot game so lucky? Many who’ve played this game believe that it is the game with the highest single payout ($1million), but they also remark that players can hit the progressive Jackpot without having to payout high stakes. Also, Deal or No Deal is known for having three progressive Jackpot levels so that people of all cash flow types can have a chance to win.

Prism Casino is a lucky slot players’ heaven. While we do not have Deal or No Deal games we do have many other of the luckiest slots online. If you want to try your hand at playing slot machines that bring good luck, you can play any one of our slot games.

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