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Netflix series that should be turned into slot machines

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Season 3 of Orange is the New Black just launched on Netflix last week and we wouldn’t be surprised if many of our slots players took a break from Prism Casino to binge watch the fantastic series. It’s pretty amazing how successful that show is today, and that got us thinking. With so many shows being made into slot machines, which Netflix series would be a slot game player’s dream-come-true? Here’s a list of our picks for the best ones.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


If a show about a woman being held captive in a bunker for 15 years doesn’t make for a great slots game, I don’t know what does. Relax people. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a comedy starring Ellie Kemper and created by Tina Fey. Kimmy gets set free at the start of the first episode, so the show is about her life living in New York City without any ounce of modern civilization knowledge (she can’t wrap her head around the concept of Facebook, for example). We can totally see an Escape The Bunker bonus trigger and both Dong and Titus as scatter symbols.



Do you remember Sylvio from The Sopranos? He stars in his own Netflix show. OK, it’s not actually Sylvio. But it’s the same actor (Steven Van Zandt) playing pretty much the same character. This time, he’s a NYC gangster named Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano. As part of the witness protection program, he’s relocated to Lillehammer, Norway (the misspelling of the town in the title is in honor of Frank’s dog Lily who is killed in the first episode). There are some great options in this one to create a fun slots game. You could have a bar bonus round where the goal is to bring in as many bottles of illegal booze as possible. The bonus trigger could be Trogeir’s successful ski jump in the Olympic village. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, watch the show now.

BoJack Horseman


If you haven’t seen this cartoon starring Will Arnett, you’re missing out. Arnett stars as BoJack Horseman, who, as his name suggests, is half-man, half-horse. That might seem odd at first, except that the whole world is full of humans and animals and half-human/half-animals interacting as if it’s no big deal. BoJack stars as a former actor of a Full House-like TV series. His career has faded, but his taste for adventure have not. We’d love to see a slots game featuring the colorful cast of characters including Princess Carolyn and Diane Nguyen. And a bonus round where BoJack goes head-to-head with his arch nemesis, a Golden Retriever named Mr. Peanut Butter, would be the icing on the cake.

Got a favorite Netflix show that you’d love to see made into an online slots game? Comment below, or tweet this article with your own idea. Who knows? Maybe the good people at Netflix are watching and will one day license a Frank Underwood slots game (that one’s for you, House of Cards fans).

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