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New and Wonderful Ways to Gamble!

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With the introduction of online gambling, many betting props were created for people to bet on the most ludicrous things like the next American Idol or The Voice winner, or the color of the Gatorade at an important sporting event. However, these types of crazy bets are actually not a result of the cyber revolution but they have been around for centuries.

Some scientists say that gambling and our obsession with fate are actually imbedded in us, an inherent part of our human condition. And, looking at these examples from a multitude of other countries, they might be right!



In case you did not know, Australia has the first place of the top gambling nations in the world. So, if you want to bet with the mates down under, bring two nickels and a lot of luck, because they will surely have you play their most famous game of all: Two-Up!

Two Up is a simple game that is played with two pennies. The pennies are thrown into the air by using a kip and gamblers have to bet on what side they will fall on. The person in charge of throwing the coins is the spinner and the people usually bet against him and each other on the expected outcomes of the coins. The Aussies are also famous for betting on crab racing, um yes, those are actual races in which crabs compete!



Hydro plane or powerboat racing is actually a very popular sporting event in Japan, and they LOVE betting on it! This sport is called Kyōtei and on the competition, just like you would do at a race track, some type of betting is allowed. They work with a system of pari-mutuel betting where all the bets are put into a big pool, in addition, they do not charge a vig or rake or any type of taxes. To calculate the payouts, they just share the between all the winning bets.

Another popular betting game is Pachinko, which is like a hybrid between a pinball game and a slot machine. In fact, in 2011, there were 12,480 Pachinko parlors reported to exist in Japan, so the game is considered a staple of Japanese betting culture!



In case you did not know, the people in Belgium have some sort of fascination with birds. First of all, they have a competitive sport called Vinkensport where birds, chaffinches to be specific, compete to answer bird calls. The bird who sings the longest and in tune in the time of an hour is the winner!

In Belgium, they even have a museum for this sport! The Belgians love to bet on this competitive sport; they bet on the duration of the call and their pitch!



The French love to spend their francs in a game called Trente et Quarante (Thirty and Forty). This highly popular card game is a combination of blackjack/baccarat. This card hybrid is an extremely sought after game in a lot of European casinos. In this game, cards are divided into two rows, and then each row is added up. The row closes to 31 wins. This French gambling concoction also goes by the name of Rouge and Noir.

Do you know of other eccentrically wonderful forms of gambling? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to visit us at prism Casino for the best casino promotions, the loosest slots, and the best table games out there!

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