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Roulette Bots: Great Tool or Great Scam?

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When it comes to gambling and casinos, people are always trying to beat the house by hook or by crook. Some people try to calculate odds, count cards, and whatnot and concoct the “perfect strategy.” Others, knowing that there is no such thing as the perfect strategy, choose by crook, and they spend loads of time and perhaps even money to put together a hair-brained cheating scheme. Most of those people end up in jail. The last group chooses neither hook nor crook; these people decide to go the cyber-bot route. The most common bot is produced for online roulette. We decided to look into this method to see whether or not it is worth it for players to look into.

How the roulette bots work


There are quite a few roulette bots out there. Roulette Bot Pro, Roulette Bot Plus, and Roubot, are the most well-known. This is how roulette bots work in essence: What they do is place a few $1 and $2 bets to test the online casino’s software. This process usually takes a couple minutes or less. Once the bot has gathered all the information it needs to predict the random number generator, then it goes to work. The bot starts placing bets for you, and it ultimately, in theory, beats the house with its predictions making its users lots of money. Most of these bots are not fully automated, but automated ones do exist.

So do they work?


This is definitely the million dollar question…literally. Researching the web on this topic brings up a lot of advertisements and false reviews that are affiliated with the program’s designers. However, there are places to find honest info on this. That would be the gambler blogs. Those are real players talking about real subjects that players really want to know about, and when this topic comes up, the general consensus is…NO!

According to people that have bought and used the software, these programs are a scam. One good piece of advice discovered on a REAL review, not a biased one selling the product, is to check the refund rate of this kind of product, or honestly any kind of software product. This may be difficult to find, but if you do it provides you with golden information as to if the product really is any good. That came from a review on Roubot; the blog mentions that it has a refund rate of 51.44%. In other words, over half the people that bought it asked for a refund.

Another reason why roulette bots do not work is that most of them function sort of like a script does. A script mechanically goes through a programmed “script” or set of commands that it must follow. So it doesn’t really read numbers or know what it is doing at all. It is simply following orders. So, if something on the gaming software changes, the script will run its programmed course and fail. Its failure means you lose lots and lots of money.

So, the recommendation is simply do not use roulette bots. They are guaranteed to be a waste of your money.

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