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Silly Practices When People Play Slots

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Are you one of those superficial gamblers who have special routines whenever they play their favorite game?

I’m not trying to make fun of anyone, really! It’s actually very common for people to create their own routines to play their favorite games. I have a friend who won great cash playing on his tablet while parking his car in his garage. Since then, he has confessed that sometimes he goes to his car to play his games, even if it’s very later at night.

Well, like he does, there are people who have silly moves or beliefs for their slot machine gaming, thinking that they might make them more money. However, some of these practices that some people religiously perform might actually seem downright silly to many of you.


Using cold coins.

This must be one of the oldest misconception and silly routines some slot players perform. They would put their coins in a cup full of ice to keep them cold and then use them in the slot machine of their choice.

Heat up the coins using a lighter.

Can the temperature of the coins used have an impact on the odds of a slot machine? Guess not.


Player raises eyes before placing coins into the slot machine.

Whether this has an effect or not it, one cannot help but wonder how silly that player would look as if in a seance on a slot machine.

Talking to the machine.

Some people love to talk to the slot machine they’re playing on. Some players even take it a step further by calling the slot machine names like “baby”, “old boy”, and “sweetheart”. Slots is a lonely game, and therefore it follows that these machines are lonely. Now, there are those who even take this rather silly practice even further by caressing the machine.

Playing slots without your slot card.

This might not seem to sound like something silly. Those who don’t have a slot club card are simply excused but those who do and still insist on not using them are missing out on a lot of things. Some people feel that a slot machine will usually pay less if a player puts in the slot card. This isn’t really true, in fact, using a club card for every slots session earns you points to get free stuff from the casino.



There are some players who cover the play line using their arm or a bag or any item they have with them before dropping a coin and pressing the spin button. Either they’re too excited to see the results or they just want to play games with the machine.

We could go on naming some crazy, excuse me, silly practices people perform, but hey, we prefer to hear them from you. I will tell you one of mine hoping that you might send us yours.

My silly practice

I tend to think that if I play online poker in my dirty pajamas, I have better luck. And, I do try to be wearing them every time I play. Yes, I know! Dirty pajamas!

There you have it! I have confessed to you my one of my silly “religious” acts.

Let me know your silly practices! Come on!

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