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Some of the craziest prop bets you’ve probably never heard about

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If you’ve ever played poker, enjoyed casino games, or bet on sports, you know that the excitement that comes with standard bets is just the start.

Prop bets have taken the betting world by storm because they add an element of thrills that ordinary bets just don’t offer.

You’ve probably heard of typical prop bets. During the Super Bowl, one common prop bet is to wager on which team will win the coin toss. You might also find prop bets on the first player to fumble the ball, the first team to complete a touchdown pass, and so on.

These are pretty mundane prop bets that a lot of people bet on. But there are some pretty ridiculous prop bets that stand out. Here’s our list of the weirdest, strangest, and craziest prop bets of all time.


Will Alicia Keys mess up the national anthem?

During 2013 Super Bowl, bets were taken on whether Alicia Keys would forget or omit at least one word from the national anthem.

Which Super Bowl coach will be shown first on TV?

Again for the 2013 Super Bowl there was an interesting Prop Bet, which involved a battle between brothers, with Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh going to battle in the ultimate pigskin final. One such prop bet asked who would get on TV first. If you are interested in the result of that prop bet, click this way.


Can online poker player run 70 miles in 24 hours?

Our first two picks are pretty tame, but this prop bet will leave you scratching your head. Online poker players aren’t exactly known for being in amazing shape. After all, you don’t get a six-pack sitting at a computer all day clicking a mouse. So when a prop bet surrounding Ashton Griffin being able to run 70 miles in 24 hours, people jumped at the opportunity.

Can a poker pro play four rounds of golf in 24 hours?

Playing four rounds of golf in 24 hours isn’t that impressive. But when you have to do it carrying your own bag, walking the course, and end up breaking 100 for each hand, well, it’s not exactly a piece of cake. The bet was carried out by poker pro Eric Lindgren during the 2007 World Series of Poker. Several big names took part in the bet including Phil Ivey and Gavin Smith. Lindgren ended up pulling it off, earning $350k.

Now, you won’t find any crazy prop bets like that at Prism Casino. But you will find table games with side bets and video poker machines with double-or-nothing prop bets. You’ll even find slots games that let you place bonus bets, so check them out and create your own crazy prop bet story.

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