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The 5 Golden Rules Every Player Should Live By

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Thinking about dropping a giant stack of chips on the felt or bringing you entire monthly savings to the online slots? Before you do, read our online casino tips that every single casino player should follow.

Establish your bankroll

Before you even think about sitting down to play, you need to figure out how much money you’re willing to spend. Even the richest casino player establishes a bankroll before she sits down to play casino games. When establishing your bankroll, assume that you’re going to lose everything. Obviously, the goal of the casino player is to win money, but there is a possibility that you’ll lose. So your bankroll should be something that you’re comfortable parting with.

Know how to manage your bankroll

Think about this. You’re thinking about spending a full week in Las Vegas. You know you want gamble three hours a day with fellow casino players. And you’ve got a $1,400 budget. That leaves you with $200 a day to gamble. Now imagine you’re thinking about playing blackjack. Would you sit down at the $50 tables? Or the $10 tables? If you’re the type of casino player who thinks the $50 tables offer a great way to make big gains, you might want to change your 7-day Vegas to a 1-day vacation. $50 a hand works out to 25% of your daily bankroll. And that’s way too much to bring to the tables—for any casino player.

Instead, play no more than 5% of your bankroll per bet. Practice the same bankroll management style at an online casino and you’ll be able to play longer and perhaps win more in the long run.

Play free games

You can’t do this in Vegas, but you can definitely do this online. Smart casino players know that to win at a game, they need to master it first. Free casino games offer casino players the chance to practice their favorite game or learn a new one without spending anything.

Mix up your games

Love playing slots? Maybe its time to switch to craps for a few minutes. Sure, the casino game might seem completely foreign to you, but learning a new game is a great way to exercise your brain and keep yourself sharp. Even if you realize that you’re the type of casino player who only enjoy slots, mixing up your games can be incredibly refreshing for any casino player.

Never go on tilt

If you’ve never heard of the term “tilt”, don’t worry. It’s more popular among poker players. But casino players can learn a lot from Texas Hold’em fans. Going on tilt means that you make stupid moves and bet more money than you should because you lost a big hand. Casino players also go on tilt after losing a big hand by betting more than they should, or doubling down at an online blackjack table when they really shouldn’t. Instead, keep your cool.

Got your own golden rule that every casino player should follow? Comment below and fill us in. You’ll be helping our community of casino players make money at our online casino.

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