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The best party casino games for New Year’s Eve

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Planning a New Year’s Eve party? Then you need great casino games to play, especially if you’re going for that Las Vegas-themed get together (you’re welcome for the idea, by the way).

Today, we’re going to look at the best party table games you should know about for New Year’s Eve fun. They apply if you’re setting up your own casino at home, heading to Vegas, or playing online.



Nothing beats getting together with friends around the table. Not the dinner table. The roulette table, obviously. If you’re building your own, you can easily gather 15-20 people around the table. If you’re playing in Vegas, the same applies. And online? How about attaching your Mac or PC to the TV to play on the big screen?



This is one of my favorite party games. In fact, when I hold home poker games, we usually switch to Blackjack halfway through. Someone volunteers to be the dealer. He or she must back each bet with his or own money. You can do the same for your New Year’s Eve party, or you can have someone be the house and play with pretend chips, just for fun. If you’re playing online, get a couple of laptops going at once and enjoy some free Blackjack at Prism Casino.



The craps table is always a party, so why not make your New Year’s even more memorable with the ultimate gambling celebration? There’s something really special about taking turns throwing the dice and your guests will get a real kick out of placing bets and winning with each dice roll.

Make it memorable with prizes

Whatever table games you decide to bring into the mix for New Year’s Eve, make it even more memorable for your guests by packing the night with prizes and giveaways. We recommend getting a bunch of gift cards to Starbucks, Best Buy, Amazon, Victoria Secret, and anywhere else you can think of. Then, arm your party guests with stacks of chips.

You can award prizes at the end of the night based on who has the highest chip stack. You could also hand out prizes for most Blackjacks and things like that. The possibilities are endless, so give it a think and make this the most memorable New Year’s Eve yet, and one that your friends will be talking about well into 2015 and beyond.

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