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The cheesiest online slots games ever

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At Prism Casino, we’re known for our real-world, true-to-life online casino experience. That means you get realistic table games, whether you play the regular online table games or the live dealer versions. That means you can enjoy hot video poker action, just like in a real casino. And it also means that you can drop some coins into the most amazing virtual slot machines ever.

And just like in the real world, many of those slots machines will leave you laughing, not because they’re created by comedy legends, but rather because they’re just way too cheesy. But hey, sometimes all you need is a little cheese. If you’re in the mood, here’s our top 5 picks for the cheesiest slots ever.



Some sports themed slots games make you feel like you’re a part of the action. Football Frenzy, for example, makes you feel like you’re playing in the World Cup. If you love baseball, Golden Glove is your game. And for fans of the NHL, Hockey Hero will make you wish your favorite team were playing in the Stanley cup. For basketball fans, we’ve got…well…something a bit cheesy. It’s called Basketbull and it combines hoop dreams with athletic bulls. As in bulls with horns. We’re not kidding. We told you it was cheesy.

Big Shot


Imagine your cheesiest game show host in the history of everything. Big hair. Big smile. A big thumbs up all the time. Now turn that guy into a cartoon and you’ll get the star of Big Shot, a game that celebrates Hollywood cheesiness to the max. To be fair, we’ve seen a lot of way more ridiculous things come out of Hollywood than the cast of characters in this game, so if you love all things Beverly Hills, you might not even find this game remotely cheesy.

Elf Wars


Christmas themed games are all the rage at Prism Casino, but Elf Wars takes things to the extreme. This slots games is all about battling for control of the North Pole. And if you think elves are all nice, you ain’t seen nothing yet because the cast of characters in this online slots game will leave your jaw on the floor.

Golden Retriever


Are you a fan of all things with wagging tails? Then you’ll love Golden Retriever, despite its cheese factor. Instead of throwing the dog a bone and waiting for him to retrieve it for you, the beautiful puppies in this game are focused on retrieving you big money. But remember, this online slots game is packed with cheesy graphics, so don’t be surprised of a golden retriever jumps out of your computer monitor and licks your face.

Builder Beaver


After playing this game, you’ll never look at the guys fixing the roads the same way again. Builder Beaver puts beavers in coveralls and hard hats as they build towns and fix dams. It’s cheesy, but it’s all in good fun. Plus this 25-payline game is packed with a ton of awesome prizes, so we’ll let the cheesiness slide.

Looking for even more cheesy games? Or how about some not so cheesy games? We’ve got over 120 online slots games alone, so check them out and find something that fits the mood, whether you’re looking for something cheesy, something serious, or something completely different.

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