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The most popular casino games among women

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A few days ago we shared with you an interesting article on which games are more popular among men. Ever notice that men seem to outnumber women at live casinos? If you do, you’re looking in the wrong direction. It seems that women are starting to dominate several live casino games. Today, we’re taking a look at the most popular casino games among women.



There’s something about Roulette that reminds us of Wheel of Fortune. And while both men and women love that TV game show, it’s pretty clear that it’s more popular with women. That’s probably way Roulette is one of the most popular games among females. The lure of the spinning wheel and the prospect of hitting your favorite number gets us excited every time. Of course, there aren’t any letters to turn over in this casino game. But dropping your chips on one of 38 numbers is just as fun.


The next time you walk by a craps table, check out who’s doing the dice tossing. Six times out of 10 it’s a woman. Maybe it’s the fact that so many men bring their wives and girlfriends to crowd around the table for good luck. We’re not really sure. But what we do know is that most females tend to understand Roulette a lot more than men. Roulette is one of those games that looks overly complicated thanks to so many different betting opportunities. But at the end of the day, it’s actually really easy to understand.



It’s no secret that women love slots. In fact, our research shows that it tends to be a game that’s dominated by females. In fact, for every one male you see playing slots, there are probably a dozen or so females. We find that slot machines are a great starter game for women who aren’t really into table games. Some women love gambling but just find table games too intimidating. Slot machines offer even more thrill than table games with the chance to hit a big jackpot that rarely exists at the tables.


Live Poker

While men tend to dominate the live poker circuit, more and more women are sitting down to play live poker at casinos. The fact that the game is dominated by females actually helps women do better and go further. Far too many cash game players assume that women aren’t very good at poker, and women poker players are taking advantage of that by bluffing their way to big fortunes. This is especially true at smaller casinos outside of Vegas where female poker players are outnumbered big time.

Our list of the most popular casino games among women is only going to grow, and you can thank online casino games for that. Sites like Prism Casino give players an opportunity to hone their game and get more comfortable at the tables and around the slots and video poker machines. The playing field is starting to even dramatically, so this is definitely an exciting time to be a woman who loves to gamble.

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