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The most popular casino games for men

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Here’s something interesting you might not believe. A recent report out on social media reveals that women actually bet more than men playing social casino games. That includes games that involve other players, and primarily games played online communally.

This is in stark contrast to what most people often assume—that men bet way more than women.

Think about it. Frank Sinatra joked about lady luck blowing on a pair of dice. Most movies that involve casinos feature men in high stakes roles while women watch. Yet it turns out that women are taking over the tables and slots in record numbers.

So that begs the question. Are there any casino games that are sacred to men? Which games are the most popular among the male species? We did some research at live casinos in and around Vegas and online at Prism Casino. Here’s what we’ve discovered.



We’re going to lump a bunch of different poker variations into this list. Men love all sorts of poker. That includes Texas Hold’em offered by poker rooms inside casinos. That includes games like Caribbean Stud Poker offered at the tables. And it even includes video poker.


We’re not suggesting men are better at math than women. We really aren’t. But watching the tables at Las Vegas we discovered a 20:1 ratio of men to women at the Blackjack tables. And we noticed a pattern. The women who played Blackjack tended to make slower decisions at the tables. We’re not suggesting any correlation between those decisions and adding ability, but we thought it was interesting. Regardless of why women don’t tend to hit the Blackjack tables, one thing is certain. It’s definitely a man’s game.



That whole blowing on your dice thing is all about craps. In our Vegas observations, we noticed a lot of high rollers rolling the dice with their significant others (or they might have been insignificant, who knows) standing by their side for good luck and moral support. Again, there were way more men around the craps table than women. Perhaps the seemingly complex nature of craps is intimidating for women, or perhaps men just love having women blow on their dice and they flock to the craps tables hoping to get lucky. Who knows.

Online vs. Live

The most interesting thing about our live casino observation is that the same is true at Prism Casino. In analyzing our data, we’ve noticed that men tend to play poker, Blackjack, and Craps way more than women do. In fact, these are the three games that men flock to the most. If you’re a female reading this, we’d love to see these numbers change. Not sure how to play one of the games listed above? Browse our site for some great blog posts and tutorials.

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