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The perfect casino game to match your beverage

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What are you in the mood for? I’m talking about cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, of course. Did you think this blog post was going to be about casino games? We have enough of those. Actually, I’m totally kidding. This post is about both.

Today, we’re going to explore the perfect game to match whatever you’re drinking, so read on and discover a new favorite game to play — or perhaps your new favorite beverage to make it a memorable night.


Vodka Martini

If you’re the shaken-not-stirred type of casino player who loves to get dressed up, Craps is definitely the game for you. Martinis are for people who love to be social, and there’s no bigger social gathering than at the Craps table. As the dice flies and people high-five each other, sip away and enjoy the night. You’ll feel like a high-rolling big deal no matter what happens.

Strawberry Daiquiri

If your drink is pink and involves some sort of umbrella, hit the slots. We have over 80 of them at Palace of Chance, and the same goes if you’re playing in a live casino. You’ll find a lot of them that will make it feel like an absolute party. Look for beach-themed slots (I’m looking at you, Naughty or Nice Spring Break) or games like Glitz & Glamor where high fashion rules and diamonds are your best friend.



If poker had an official drink, it would definitely be beer. Just head to any basement poker game or a live casino game and you’ll see lots of players enjoying a beverage while they play (at least the ones who don’t feel the need to concentrate too much). If you’re headed to a casino and you want to enjoy a cold one, we recommend video poker. It’s casual and independent, so you can relax and enjoy some draught or your favorite bottled beer.

The drink and casino game combination are virtually endless. But we don’t have all day to go over every single one (plus, I’m not much of a bartender). The best way to have fun is to pour your favorite beverage, open the Prism Casino software, and discover a new game that suits the mood.

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