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The Top 5 Most Charismatic Slot Game Characters

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When you get down to it, there isn’t much difference from one slot machine to another in its basic function. Where they can really stand out from one another is through elaborate and attractive themes. If you are going to spend hours sitting on a computer playing online slots, it might as well be something that you find fun and interesting. There are literally hundreds, if not more, online slot themes in the industry today, so finding one that draws you in shouldn’t be hard.

These themes are typically anchored by a character or set of characters that makes the game stand out. At, there are some of the best character-driven online slots around. Below is just a short list that only scratches the surface of the vast array of characters available.

1. Achilles

achilles slot

The Trojan War is one of the greatest stories in human history, and Achilles plays a central role. In this Greek mythology themed online slot, Achilles attempts to rescue Helen of Troy back from the Trojans. Enjoy the time you will spend back in “Ancient Greece” as you play this 20-line slots game. You can play for as little as one penny, or as much as $100. For gameplay, Achilles is the wild card while the City of Troy is the scatter.

2. Big Shot

big-shot slot

Who doesn’t want to be a big shot? Well, when playing the Big Shot Slot game you can get a taste of the high life and act like a big time Hollywood player. Playing Big Shot will make you feel like you just one step away from fame and fortune. The setup of this game has the Big Shot as the wild card and the award symbols as the scatter. Take a shot at the big time with Big Shot.

3. Count Spectacular

count-spectacular slot

Vampires are sexy right now, and while no one will ever accuse Count Spectacular of being sexy, he is guilty of being fun to play. Enjoy a spooky evening of playing Count Spectacular and earning some nice cash. Activation bonuses can add to the excitement and potential to hit a big jackpot. In this game, Count Spectacular is the wild card and his castle is the scatter.

4. Goldbeard

goldbeard slot

It is hard not to think of pirates and automatically think of going coins, lots and lots of gold coins. With the online slots game Goldbeard, you can play the part of searching the high seas for treasure. There is plenty to find attractive about this game, and winning instant free games during the bonus round is just one of them. Goldbeard is the wild card and the gold coin is the scatter.

5. Builder Beaver

builderbeaver slot

Looking for a laugh while playing some online slots? Then look no further. Builder Beaver will remind you to have some fun while playing online. There are prizes and bonuses loaded in this game, as well as plenty of winning combinations.



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