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The Worst Losers in History

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Everyone loves to win. This is logical, without question; winning, even at the most inconsequential things like games, helps us as human beings feel more secure about ourselves and boosts our self-esteem. This really is a rather odd aspect of human nature; nonetheless, it is not as if it is the only strange thing that we humans do. Games are a huge part of human culture, and they are quite enjoyable until we lose. Losing oddly enough makes something fun, light, and enjoyable like a game and flips it on its backside. Of course, not everyone reacts to losing in the same manner; some people are very secure of themselves and losing doesn’t affect them very much. Others are highly affected by losing.

These people may get angry, throw a temper tantrum or demonstrate any number of other reactions. There are those, however, who take losing to the absolute extremity of the spectrum. Let’s take a quick glance at the worst losers in history.

#5: Robbed


The old saying “easy come, easy go” certainly has some truth to it, but when it comes to casino winnings it hurts way more. David Hayes won $35,000 at a casino in Ohio and went home. A few hours later, he was robbed in his own home by two armed men who asked specifically for the money he had won that night. The robbers were caught, luckily, but Hayes sued the casino for giving him cash instead of a check. If you need someone to place blame on, you will find them.

#4: The Toddler Did It!


You really have some serious gambling issue when it takes you to stealing things, but it is a whole different level when you get caught and blame a baby! Glen Healy takes the cake on this one. This serious gambling addict resorted to stealing to support his problem. One day he stole a cell phone; as he was walking out it fell out of his pocket, and he was caught. He panicked and blamed it on a nearby sleeping toddler saying that she must have taken it. Honestly…

#3: The Casino Bomber


Losing money at a casino is hardly ever the casino’s fault. There was one case this year, however, the player lost money not by her own accord but because of a faulty machine. A Chinese woman in China was playing at an illegal gaming room. She was playing a gambling machine, and just as she was about to receive her payout, the machine broke and did not pay her out. Furious, the woman went and picked a fight with the owner who did not concede her winnings. He then hit her on the head, supposedly. That was the last straw. The lady went and bought a bunch of firecrackers, overloaded them with gunpowder, and threatened to blow the place up. The lady was never able to do it, though. She was so unbelievably infuriated that before she could go through with her threat her blood sugar went up too high, and she fainted. She was taken to a nearby hospital, treated, and questioned. I guess it could have been much, much worse.

#2: Goodbye Cruel World


Some bad losers act violently, and others get extremely depressed. Clearly some people have a hard time accepting the fact that they lost, but more than that, it is hard to accept that you lost a boat-load of money. This can lead to some serious tragedies. In July of last year, a man by the name of Alessandro Bastianoni, who, by the way, was a poker star in Italy, chose to pay the ultimate price rather than accept his loses and pay up. He committed suicide after losing a lot of money and accumulating a debt of approximately $600,000. Bastianoni was found dead in his luxury apartment in Peru by his partner Yeinni Ospina. With all due respect, may he rest in peace.

#1: The World’s Worst Loser


And the title of the world’s worst loser goes to Terrance Wanatabe, a Nebraska businessman. Wanatabe had a serious gambling problem, so much so that he had helped generate 5.6% of Harrah Entertainment’s (company that owns the Rio and the Ceasar’s Palace) revenue for that year wagering over $825 million. Wanatabe accused two casinos of getting him drunk and “feeding” him prescription pain medication so that he would lose. He lost $127 million in one year, the biggest losing streak in Vegas history. Ouch!

To conclude, if you play you will win and you will lose. But by all means do not blame others or take your own life if you lose. Play responsibly and own up to your obligations. We don’t want to add more to this list.

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