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Top 5 Biggest Losses

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Terry Watanabe lost $127 million at the casinoEveryone loves a good winner story. But loser stories are way more exciting, especially when some rich dude takes the beating. Here’s a look at five recent losses that we you’ll barely believe.

Terrance Watanabe – In 2007, a Nebraska businessman named Terrance Watanabe (who clearly had a lot of money to burn) lost close to $127 million in a one-year span. According to the businessman, he was gambling under the influence of cases of Russian vodka and other unmentionables provided to him by the casino.

Mr. Ye – The Mexican-Chinese businessman (what’s with all these businessmen losing money, by the way?) used to bet $200,000 per hand playing Baccarat at the Venetian. Known as Mr. Ye on the strip, his real name is Zhenli Ye Gon. And gone is exactly what happened to his money. He apparently lost around $126 million in Vegas.

Kerry Packer – Some guys have all the luck. Kerry Packer, an Australian media mogul, isn’t one of them. He holds the record of having one of the biggest losing streaks in UK history when he lost close to £20 million.

Robert Maxwell – Another UK media kingpin (again, what’s with the pattern) is credited with one of the fastest casino losses in history when he lost £1.5 million in three minutes playing roulette wheels simultaneously.

Mr. C – Imagine winning thousands in cash but feeling like a loser. That’s what happened to a guy named Mr. C who won $4,444 playing a progressive jackpot at an online casino. Unfortunately, quadruple four signifies death in Chinese culture, so the player refused to collect his winnings. Talk about a quadruple bad beat.

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