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Wackiest Slot Machines!

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If you think you have seen it all, or in this case, seen them all, get ready for a surprise! I have found the wackiest slot machines I never thought could exist. And come on, I’m not a newborn. To actually be surprised by slot machines was never an experience I could have predicted.

For a new post, I decided that I would try to find fun or weird facts of “normal” or everyday things in a casino. What could be more “normal” or symbolic in a casino that a slot machine? I know that there are many colorful and noisy slot machines out there, so I thought they could be a start since I thought I had seen them all. So, I began my search for a surprise. I really wanted to find something that would shock me.


Check them out and make a trip to see them, because these actually exist:

The Anna Nicole Smith Slot Machine


Yeah, like if we needed to go back in time when this Guess model was out and about showing off her once amazing body? Or the days when she had her baby and her own reality show? Remember Anna Nicole Smith? In case you want to pay tribute to her memory or just make fun of the insanity surrounding her, there’s an online Slot Machine for us to remember her. It’s based on her times when she was very much overweight and the goal of the game is to catch Howard Stern and her favorite food: pickles. (I told you, I would surprise you.)

Missing Clothes (I would personally call this one: Get Naked)


There’s a slot machine where its characters get naked. Once you pull the handle or press the Spin Button, all of the clothes come off. They don’t get naked completely, but the game gives you the impression once you first play it, that you will actually see naked people. It’s a fun experience!

The Talking Toaster


That’s correct! This Slot machine is a talking toaster that tells you “ALMOST” if you don’t make the three scatters. It also squeaks and clanks. I think this one is perfect to play when you either spend the night in a casino or go early in the morning for breakfast.

The Village People Party


I left this one for last, because it can’t get any better than making money while humming YMCY. Get ready to dance to the Village People while you play this slot! It has party poopers that are aliens with a party saver that can be converted into new exotic members of the Village People. Yes, your very own Macho Men characters. There are other options where you get to listen to other songs like “Macho Men” or “In The Navy.” Start marching!

Gemma Sykes

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