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Weird People at Slot Machines: A Tale of the Brave

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We receive tons of messages from you, telling us hilarious stories about weird people in casinos in the areas of the slot machines. Since we can’t publish them all, here are our favorite stories. Don’t say all you can do at Prism Casino is play games, we have much more than that…

A casino from the past

cover_012914 “I went on a snorkeling vacation to Honduras and due to a plane delay; we had to spend a night in a very small city. Since there wasn’t much to do, I went to a small casino to play my beloved slot machines. The place looked like I imagine casinos looked forty or fifty years ago. I sat to play and after thirty minutes, I looked in the direction of the bar thinking on getting another beer when I saw a really, really old lady walk behind the barman when he was cleaning a table. She went to the bottles area and stole a tequila bottle. She walked behind him, he didn’t see her and she sat right next to me to play her machine zipping straight from the bottle. I think she knew I saw her, but she acted as if I wasn’t there. Sometimes I think it might have been a ghost, because the barman never realized the theft occurred and to this date I can’t really tell if she knew I saw her.” –Steven

Newly Slotted


“The weirdest I have seen at slot machines was a woman dressed in a wedding dress playing near me. She was drunk, her hair was a mess and she had a huge bucket of coins. I can’t help but think that she might have been dumped that day or it could very well be that she works as a wedding gown’s model.” –Jenny

Lurker or Crushed?


“I once had a young guy, who probably had just turned 21, stand next to me while I was playing at one machines for about an hour. He didn’t say a word; he didn’t try to start up a conversation or anything. I was a bit into the game, so I didn’t mind him that much. After I moved to another machine and he came over to stand in the exact same manner, I knew there was something weird about him. I stood up and went to a third machine and he came over again. I had to ask the security guy to ask him to leave me alone.” -Tyronne

Too excited to notice


“Three young women, who were celebrating the upcoming marriage of one of them, sat in slot machines next to mine. Many people go to casinos to celebrate, so nothing weird about this scene, right? The weird thing was that every time they won something, they would fake orgasm sounds. So imagine the scene where every two minutes or so, one of them would start making loud orgasm sounds.” -Kyle

Antoine Foxx

33 year old male. Has visited Las Vegas several times as well as other great gambling places. Always having a good time. After having a little girl, he couldn’t travel as much so he started enjoying online gaming. Antoine is always looking for something different and interesting. Part time rock star but full time computer geek, he never seems to guarantee a balanced life. Enjoys Cajun food a lot!