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What are the International Gaming App Awards?

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When good work is done it should be recognized and commended. There are award ceremonies and banquets for just about everything. With the rise of the tactile, internet-ready mobile phone came the rise of mobile apps, especially gaming apps.

As we all know, everyone enjoys a little leisurely pastime now and then; on the bus, during your break or lunch hour, or just to kill some time waiting, and mobile gaming apps have gotten very popular just for these occasions, therefore, this year the International Gaming App Awards was organized to commend mobile app companies for their work for the first time.


Organized by Clever Duck Media, an innovative company specialized in PR Promotion and Event Media planning, the International App Awards is expected to comprise several different classifications within Free-to-Play, Social games, and traditional gaming categories in the mobile gaming industry.

Among the nominees for the First International Gaming App Awards are some of the leading mobile app companies active in the market. One of the most nominated brands for its products that cover poker, bingo and casino is 888. Paddy Power also has several products that are being nominated for the awards. There is some heavy competition all up to win these awards. The most prestigious award is the App of the Year award for which there are rumors of 21 nominees so far, unfortunately official statements about the runners have not been released at the moment.


Of course it will not be easy to decide which awards go to which candidates. However, this job is left up to the panel of judges made up of highly experienced people from the industry. To be a little more specific, the panel is comprised of seven men from different sectors of the gaming industry. Each one brings a lot to the table, and their combined expertise counts for decades of experience. Among these are Andrew Platt, the founding director of Stonefish Digital, Ben Mawhinney, the director of App Chaps Ltd, gaming consultant JJ Woods, Matt Steer, the strategic director for Chromoa and more.

But the spotlight will not only serve to the purpose of recognition: The Gaming App Awards will also share the spotlight to a very important charity: the Breakthrough Breast Cancer, which is the UK’s leading charity committed to fighting breast cancer through research, campaigning and education and will also become a very important subject matter at the Gaming App Awards. This charity has been going hand-in-hand with the WIG Awards (Women in Gaming) in the past.

On December 8, the winners of the first ever International Gaming App Awards will be announced as part of a big event and celebrated for their innovations. Although the mobile games offered at Prism Casino were not nominated this year as they were not out yet in the market on time, we hope we can make it next year and hope to learn a lot from this first award ceremony.

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