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Infographic: Social Games on Facebook and Google+ What makes them so popular?

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The fact that half of the population of the Internet plays social games on Facebook and Google+ caught our attention. That’s the reason we’ve compiled some very insightful stats from great authorities on social media and online games and put everything together in a brand new infographic we present to you today titled: What Makes Social Games on Facebook and Google+ so Popular?

By the way, we don’t like #SOPA so feel free to share our infographic, like it, googleplusit, post it, email it, you name it: it’s yours.

The Prism blog staff and I, as game enthusiasts (fanatics, shall I say) and casino know-it -alls have a latent fascination for anything games related.

Personally, I must admit I would’ve never been able to predict the level of super stardom achieved by the social gaming industry back at the time, when the first of my coworkers came to tell me about his online farm and some virtual cows made of pixels,…blah, blah and all that multi-billion-dollar-generating nonsense.

If you haven’t quite grasped the concept of why in the world are people so addicted to Mafia Wars and keep requesting your help to load up on weapons and armour…let us show you why in our detailed infographic:


What makes social gaming so popular?

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I want to thank all the great sources (above) where we got this information from and because we know you loved it so much you want even more, here are a few facts that didn’t make the graphic cut:

  • 44% of social gamers use these games “as a form of communication”
  • 57% of social gamers have sex once per week vs. 52% of non-gamers
  • Social games give back: 1.49M dollars have been raised for charity Between games like YoVille, MafiaWars, World of Warcraft and Fupa Games
  • 61% of women social gamers play between 8 p.m. and midnight
  • Social gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013

Got any more stats you want to share with us? What games DO you play but most importantly, why do you love them so much? Tell us, in the comments section.


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