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Which are the Best Poker Movies of all Time?

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Are you a Poker lover who also happens to be a film fan? So am I! Or are you just a Poker fan? Whether you love movies or not, these films are a must-watch just for the fun of seeing this game that we are crazy about, put in the big screens.

It is a great idea, not only to get tips, but to get inspired. These movies portray the adrenaline rush that playing Poker gives us. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them! Most of them are classics that you may only find online, but definitely worth your time.

The Sting (1973)


This classic movie doesn’t portray all of the skills and strategies involved in the modern game; however, it does show those small details involved in the game, like cheating. The films is starred by Paul Newman who plays a man who knows that the only way to beat crime boss and poker cheat Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) at his private game is to out-cheat the cheater. You’re up for a nerve-wrecking ride.

Maverick (1994)


“Maverick” is definitely a fun and unrealistic portrait of the “gentleman gambler” from the 1960s TV show. The final hand shown here is an example of Hollywood exaggerating the quality of most poker hands, as well as disregarding several modern rules. The movie is starred by Mel Gibson and Jody Foster. If you haven’t seen this one, expect a fun and adventurous ride.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966)


This is a classic comedy starring Henry Fonda as an impoverished farmer who takes his family to look for a brighter future to the prosperous valleys of California. On the way he meets great Poker players and decides to play regardless of the fact that he barely has any money. When he deals himself a great hand, he suddenly has a heart attack. That leaves it up to his wife to play it out and save the family. The movie is lots of fun and the poker action is very exciting.

California Split (1974)


This is a fantastic movie by film director Robert Altman. It stars George Segal and Elliot Gould as booze-soaked, hard-luck gamblers in California. They form an unlikely bond based mostly on getting drunk and losing money (either in the casino or at the hands of muggers in the parking lot). The characters get in trouble and it’s up to you to see what happens. This is a very entertaining movie, yet amongst the fun, it will also make you think. Just like all of Altman’s movies.

Rounders (1998)


Many of you probably already saw it, yet I can’t help myself from listing it. Many people think that this movie is the reason behind the recent “Poker boom”. Moneymaker himself said that, without “Rounders”, he never would have taken up Texas Hold’em.

“Rounders” provided the most realistic portrait of the underground New York poker scene years before many of its participants (including Poker Hall of Famers Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington) became famous. This means that if you play Poker and you haven’t seen this one, you are missing history lessons of your favorite game.

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