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Why George Clooney might suddenly prefer online casino games?

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Did you hear what happened at Steve Wynn’s Encore resort in Las Vegas the other day? Apparently George Clooney stormed out of a restaurant after he and Mr. Wynn got in a little bit of a spat over the Commander in Chief.


Yup, we’re talking about President Obama. According to Clooney, Wynn called POTUS an @$$4Ole. I’m throwing in dollar signs because 1. I don’t like to swear and 2. George Clooney and Steve Wynn are very, very rich.

Now, back to the story. Clooney’s rendition of the story has Wynn calling the President an @$$4Ole, Clooney defending his closer personal friend Obama, and then Clooney calling Wynn an @$$4Ole. Following? Good. Clooney then left the room, not wanting to breathe the same air as Wynn.

Steve tells a different tale. According to the very rich, very powerful casino mogul, Clooney was very drunk off tequila. After a Hollywood exec told a joke about Gorbachev (what is this, the 1980s?) Clooney threw a tantrum and began talking about Obama’s healthcare reform. As you know, ObamaCare is a very contentious issue in the United States, and it seems as though Wynn voiced his opposition to Obama’s healthcare endeavors. Clooney didn’t like that, especially since he considers himself to be a close personal friend of Barry O (we’re guessing that’s what George calls Obama since they’re so close).


So what does this all mean? Well, we’re guessing George Clooney might start boycotting Wynn properties. Heck, he might even start boycotting Las Vegas entirely. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll choose an online casino to do his gambling.

And, George, in case you’re reading this, let me just say that I’m a HUGE fan of President Obama. While I don’t speak for anyone else at Prism, I think he’s doing an amazing job. And whatever that Gorby joke was, I’m going to say it wasn’t funny at all (unless you laughed, in which case it was awesome).

Sounds amazing? It is. We have all the same games you like to play in Vegas, minus the attitude of big casino moguls. One thing to keep in mind, though, George. You’ll need to bring your own tequila.

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