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Winning at Craps, Hollywood Style

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Who doesn’t love a good casino scene in a Hollywood movie? Most films involve Blackjack or poker, but as diehard casino fans who love to win at craps, online and off, we get excited whenever we run into a craps scene in a Hollywood movie. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

The Cooler

Possibly one of the greatest winning craps scenes in Hollywood film history, the final craps scene in The Cooler tops our list. In casino language, a “cooler” is someone unlucky who can’t help but spread his or her lack of luck to other casino players. In a nutshell, they aren’t very good at winning at craps. In The Cooler, it’s William H. Macy who’s struck with bad luck. In our all-time favorite winning craps scene, William H Macy walks off the elevator into a casino, locks eyes with a craps table, drops his last $3,000, and goes to town. He rolls win after win after win—and turns $3k into an $80,000 craps winning chip stack. Remember, this is the last craps scene in the movie, so “the cooler” is anything but cool during this specific run. Rather than walking with the $80k and proving that he can win at craps, Macy pushes it all in and rolls what amounts to be the slowest craps dice roll in motion picture history. The film cuts to Alec Baldwin’s eyes, where we can see the reflection of the dice roll, still in slow-mo. We then cut to William H. Macy leaving the casino. So did Macy win at craps in that last scene? Watch and find out.

A Bronx Tale

In Hollywood, casino games and the mob go together like peanut butter and jelly. We challenge you to find a movie that involves a Las Vegas casino or gambling without some sort of organized (or unorganized) crime, whether it has to do with winning at craps or not. So it should come as no surprise that “A Bronx Tale” features one of the most memorable craps winning scenes of all time. The dice rolling goes down not in a casino, but in the backroom of a mafia bar. Oh, and the guy doing the dice rolling and winning at craps is in elementary school.

More favorite craps scenes

What’s your all-time favorite Hollywood film scene involved winning at craps? James Bond? Oceans 13? Or that scene in Swingers where Vince Vaughn apologizes to Jon Favreau for getting lucky at the tables? If you love to win at craps at much as we do—or if you love playing craps online or live—drop as a line and let us know.

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