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Winning lottery number appears on screen…before it’s drawn

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Are casino games fixed? Online and off, many casino games rely on a Random Number Generator to randomize the results. That includes table games played online. And it includes online slots and the same slots you play in a live casino. Table games in a real casino, of course, don’t rely on a Random Number Generator, and neither do live dealer games that you can play at popular sites like Prism Casino.


Those unfamiliar with how Random Number Generators work tend to think that these games are fixed. However, there are always auditors in place to ensure that the software is fair. But while these audits are in place when you play casino games like Keno online, they might not be present in the real world if a case in Serbia is any indication.

Earlier this week, a live TV broadcast of a lottery drawing sent the entire country of Serbia into lottery chaos, with accusations of corruption and theft flooding the news. Here’s what happened.

Just like you see on TV with any US or international lottery, the lottery in Siberia includes a live drawing from a lottery-sanctioned model. She pulls a number, the number shows up on screen, and she does it again and again and again, until all numbers all pulled.


What happened during the Serbian broadcast wasn’t out of the ordinary. Like any other night, the model pulled the numbers as normal. Only one problem. One of the numbers showed up on screen before she had a chance to pull it.

The first number drawn was 4. The number showed up on screen. That was followed by 33, then 12, and then 27. After each number was pulled, the corresponding number showed up on screen for viewers at home. But there was one problem. After the 27 number was drawn, the number 21 popped up on screen.

A mistake? Perhaps the production crew misread the number. But that likely wasn’t the case, and here’s why. Instead of correcting the 21 to a 27, they left it on screen and put up the number 27 right after.

They didn’t delete the 21, but they didn’t have to. That’s because right after the 27 was drawn, the number 21 was drawn. The production crew had a premonition, it’s a crazy coincidence, or there is major fraud going on.

It could be one of two things. Someone at the lottery is trying to scam the system and make a killing. Or the lottery itself is rigging the results so that they don’t have to give away a bunch of money. After all, the results didn’t end up with anyone hitting it big.


This story is still fresh so everything is still unfolding. We do know that the head of the lottery has resigned as the investigation gets underway. And we know that the police are taking the matter seriously, questioning all parties involved. As the story develops, we’ll keep you posted on what transpires.

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