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3 Unconventional Ways to Win at Roulette

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Now that you’ve read the title, you’re probably chomping at the bit to learn 3 amazing strategies for winning at roulette. Sorry to disappoint, but you aren’t going to learn any special guaranteed winning method. Roulette wheels operate using a simple wheel configuration. When the wheel is spun the ball follows the rotation of the wheel until it gradually slows and lands in the divot represented with a number along the immobile inner bowl.

American casinos use the American Roulette wheel which includes a “00” on the wheel. While this may seem trivial, it actually gives the house a 5.26% edge because the width of the divots in the bowl has decreased by a fraction.

Online roulette is played using random number generators which means that your chances of winning don’t depend on biases or percentages, it is pure luck.

In this blog post you will learn are three ways to play, have fun, and maximize your winnings without losing all of your money.


First – learn when to walk away. One of the greatest advantages the casino has is that the “almost got it” you feel on every turn makes you want to try “one more time” to get the number you want. With a house edge of over 5%, that edge will eventually emerge and you’ll start to lose. The more you try, the odds are, the more they win. When you are winning, or even when you’ve lost over half of what you brought with you, walk away. Keep your money.


Second – only play when you can afford to lose. Too many people walk into the casinos with the idea that they will walk out a winner. Unfortunately, since every game in the place has a house edge, you are guaranteed to lose at least once in the course of the evening. When it comes to winning at roulette, you have to understand that the game is purely won by chance. Sure, the house has a better chance of winning, but you can win at roulette too – you will lose as well. Do not play ANY table game unless you can afford to lose your money.


Third – have fun. There are very few people who can make a living gambling so stop facing down the roulette table like you’re there to work. It isn’t work! It’s entertainment! Have fun, walk away when the fun stops, and come back to play again.

Could we have filled your head with unrealistic and totally bogus winning strategies? Yes. But we didn’t because we want to you have confidence that when you are playing your favorite games on you are playing with honest people.

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