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4 Mini Baccarat Strategies For Dummies

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Mini Baccarat is a game of cards usually played in different casinos worldwide. It has different variations such as the North American baccarat. Baccarat is very well known by players as a game of chance. Different players use different mini baccarat strategies in order to win the game; but in the end, what matters is that it is a game of luck and the game cannot be determined or whatsoever.

In any point, the good thing about baccarat is that it is one of the games played in casinos that can be won easily unlike others. Mini baccarat strategies have been used in the past by different players but none of them seems to be very effective. Players usually avoid the tie bet because it has the least chance of winning and they go with the player and banker wages.

1. Card Counting?


Other professional players use the mini baccarat strategy of card counting like they do in blackjack. Remember that the method of card counting is not applicable in baccarat because like what we have been discussing, it is purely a game of chance.

2. 1 3 2 6 Baccarat System


The 1 3 2 6 Baccarat system is also very common. The objective of this method is not to increase the chance of winning or to predict the winning bets but it is used to decrease your losses. This strategy is often used by card players to minimize their losses to continue playing without draining their money pool.

3. Riding the Streak


Another mini baccarat strategy that some card players use is what they call “riding the streak.” Players take notes and uses charts in order to make this method work; but in the end, players get distracted and end up losing the track of the game and losing much more money. Always keep in mind, chance cannot be calculated or cannot be put into a pattern; that’s why this method is very useless. It is like predicting something that is very random. There is no person that can make a pattern of the winning sequence in baccarat because it is purely due to chance.

4. Wise Bankroll Management


And the last method in which I think is the most effective is the wise management of your money and resources. It can be compared to bankroll management in a poker game. This is the best strategy because it is very realistic and it does not include prediction or making patterns which is very impossible by the way; but this method is very hard to implement and master because it takes a lot of effort for a gambler or a card player to master self-control and discipline.

Always remember to monitor your cash flow and take note of the money that you spend on the game. Learn when to stop if the cards are not going your way or you’re having an unlucky day. This is the most effective strategy in baccarat where there are no patterns, no card counting, no predictions and where everything and every winner rely solely to chance. Discipline and self-control is the key!

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