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5 Little Known Strategy Tips to Always Win at Tri Card Poker

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It is not only how you play, but where you play as well!

Choosing the right online casino is the primary step towards success when playing Tri Card Poker. We all know that every internet casino has its cons and pros and they all vary greatly. Look for the casino that offers the highest pay out rates and most striking bonuses.


Try everything and choose for yourself!

There are different variations of Tri Card poker; basically there are two options Ante & Play and Pair Plus. You can read different reviews and articles about which one is better or recommended but the best way to determine this is to play both and see for yourself which one fits your interests the most.

Stay calm an you will have the situation under control!

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when playing any kind of poker is to keep calm and do not turn into an aggressive player. Do not start over betting if you feel like losing hope of winning. You can even take small brakes to weigh the situation and then continue playing on clear mind and refreshed. As Tri Card Poker is quite a fast game it can be a little exhausting.


Giving up was never an option!

Quitters are no really known for success or big wins. Before we move on let us make sure everyone understands exactly what we are talking about. We do not mean that you should keep on playing if you have already lost quite a sum; on the contrary, you should have a pre-defined amount you can “afford to loose”. What we are saying is that do not give up after few unlucky hands. Winning in not that easy; so, keep on playing.

And the strategies…

And finally, we will tell you some simple strategies and tips that you can keep in mind when playing 3-card poker. For example, always play if you are holding winning cards (pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, etc…). King-high and an Ace-high is also a hand worth playing. Anything lower than Queen-high can be folded.

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