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7 Amazing Texas Hold em Poker Cheats You Didn’t Know Existed

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Texas Hold Em is the most popular form of poker and it seems everyone and their mother is playing it these days. While the games have got tougher over the last couple of years, you can still make a decent profit form playing.

To get you up to speed and winning more than the other players, were going to give 7 tips that most players are unaware of. These tips will help you start crushing the games and raking in huge pots like never before.

1. Tracking software

Tracking software in poker is a huge advantage for anyone who uses it. What it does is, import all the hands you play and give a statistical read out on just about every form of data you can imagine. It will tell you exactly how often a player=r raises, folds, 3 bets and way more.

The best part is, you can use this information in real time with what’s called a HUD or heads up display. This HUD will show all of the stats on every player at your table. If a player is folding to flop bets too often, you will know using this HUD. It’s an invaluable piece of software that every player should have, but many don’t.

2. Hand histories

Almost all online poker sites have access to previous hands. You can view the last hand played and see what happened if you want to review it for future reference. The best part about hand histories is that you can often times see what cards the players mucked. If they called your bet, yet couldn’t beat it, they cannot show their hand in real time. But, if you go back to the hand history, you will see what they folded on most sites. This allows you to see what they are playing and how weak they are willing to call bets with.


3. Sharkscope

Sharkscope is an online site that tracks tournaments and sit n gos on almost every player out there. If you type in your own name in the search box (poker screen name) you will find all the results for your poker career at a certain site.

Anytime you are playing a tournament or sit n go, you can look up other players at the table and find out if they are good or bad. Knowing who’s good and who’s bad is a vital piece of information. You now know who to pick on and who stay away from in just seconds.

4. Avatars

On some poker sites, you are allowed to use a personal picture as your avatar. I’ll let you in on a little secret about these. Anyone who uses a baby’s picture or their pet as an avatar is always a bad player.


5. Razing the turn card

At lower stakes poker games, whenever you get raised on the turn and there are no real draws out there, you’re almost always beat. Unless you have the nuts, you should probably fold.

6. Customize your game

I bet you didn’t know that you can get customized skins, chips and cards for some of the bigger online poker sites. You can change the colors, themes and styles by downloading custom themes. I used to use an all black theme with a half-naked girl as my theme on one poker site.

This won’t actually help you win more money, but it’s a cool little trick that personalizes you’re playing time and can make it more enjoyable.

7. Four Color Decks

Many players don’t know that they can change the color of the deck while playing online. The standard deck has 2 black and 2 red suits. Many times this can be confusing and you could miss read your hand and think you have a flush when you really don’t. This is costly, trust me, I know from experience.

The four color deck changes each suit to a different color, so you know for sure if you have that flush or not.

This is all I have for now, I hope you enjoyed reading about these little cheats, now off to try ’em out!

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