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An In-depth Look at Let ‘em Ride Poker

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There are many versions of classic casino games. Blackjack has a bunch of different variations as does a game like Roulette. Poker would have to be the most innovated game on the casino games list. The game has come very, very far since the original 5-Card Draw. This popular game has been varied in so many ways that it is hard to keep track. There is a new version that is just hitting the casinos all over the world and the virtual world, too. Let ‘em Ride Poker is the one of the newest variation of this casino game, and it is taking the casinos by storm. Let’s take a moment to look at this fun new version of Poker.

Brief History


Let it Ride was invented and patented by John Breeding, founder of Shuffle Entertainment Inc., a company well known for inventing, building, and leasing automatic Blackjack shufflers. In 1992 Shuffle Master had developed the BG-1 shuffler and while the technology was a vast improvement on human shuffling the land-based casinos did not take to the new method. Shuffle Master had to come up with a new game that was tied to their new technology.

From this Let it Ride poker was born and was first seen on casinos floors in Reno, Nevada. The game increased the uptake of the shuffling machines and saw Shuffle Master release the BG-2 and BG-3 models. It took almost five years for the shuffling machines to become common in Las Vegas.

Today Let It Ride poker tables are found at virtually all casinos and automatic shuffling machines are also very common. This has not stopped Shuffle Master developing new variations on the game with Let It Ride Bonus being released a few years ago with a $1 side bet that pays if the player’s first three cards hold a pair or better. Now at Prism Casino we offer a very similar variation called Let ‘Em Ride Poker. Let’s take a look:

Let ‘Em Ride Rules and How to Play


Let ’em Ride Poker is actually much simpler than one may assume. If you are familiar with regular poker then you will find Let it Ride Poker easy and intuitive. Here are the rules to the game:

  1. Player makes three bets of equal size.
  2. Dealer gives player three cards.
  3. Player may pull his first bet back or “let it ride.”
  4. Dealer deals the first community card, to be used by all players.
  5. Player may pull his second back or “let it ride.”
  6. Dealer deals the second community card, to be used by all players.
  7. Player is paid according to the poker value of his five cards, remaining bets, and the posted pay table.
  8. Side bets are usually available.

The goal is 10’s or better; that’s what gets you paid. Every time you have a pair 10’s or better in your hand, then you are set; you are getting paid. Now, you can expect to hit even more so you raise your bet every time. Now the exhilaration comes when you hope to hit an even bigger hand like triplets, a full house, or quadruplets as the house turns over the remaining 2 cards. All the other winning Poker hands apply as well.

A Standard Strategy


This following strategy is good to use with the standard pay table. With three cards you should only “let it ride” if you have:

  • Any paying hand (tens or better, three of a kind)
  • Any three to a royal flush
  • Three suited cards in a row except 2-3-4, and ace-2-3
  • Three to a straight flush, spread 4, with at least one high card (ten or greater)
  • Three to a straight flush, spread 5, with at least two high cards

With four cards you should only “let it ride” if you have:

  • Any paying hand (tens or better, two pair, three of a kind)
  • Any four cards of the same suit
  • Any four to an outside straight with at least one high card
  • Any four to an outside straight with no high cards (zero house edge)
  • Any four to an inside straight with 4 high cards (zero house edge)

An “inside straight” is a straight with an “inside” card missing such as 4, 5, 7, 8. An Outside straight is a straight with an “outside” number missing such as 4, 5, 6, 7. Spread4 means that the cards in question span 4 ranks in a row, for example a (5, 6, 8). Spread 5 means the cards in question span 5 ranks, for example a (5, 7, 9).

Now that you’ve gotten the in-depth scoop on Let ‘em Ride Poker, swing by and give it a try!

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