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Blackjack Basics You Need to Master before You Play Again

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Often times, gamblers will understand the rules of a game, but will lack in strategy. While they can sit down and play the game, they typically aren’t playing it in a manner to provide the best opportunity for profits. There probably isn’t a better example in a casino than blackjack.


Blackjack is a simple game and it takes place one on one against the dealer. New gamblers are attracted to this type of environment because it is less intimidating. The dealer’s actions are governed by rules, and there a blackjack player doesn’t have to worry about things like bluffing or reading tells. They only have to worry about the blackjack basics of knowing when to hit and stand. Sounds simple, right?

Well, then why do so many players fail to make millions on playing blackjack? In fact, the only time you ever hear of anyone truly making a lot of money playing blackjack is usually in the context of someone counting cards or using electronic devices to fraud the casinos. You never hear of anyone hitting it big on online blackjack, because those advantages are mitigated.

In order to be successful playing blackjack over time, it is important to learn a few blackjack basics before you play again.

First, start to think like a dealer. Think about it, they system that a dealer plays has a historical statistical advantage over any system employed by a player, with the exception of card counting.

Counting cards has its own ethical dilemmas attached to it, as well as the fact that not everyone can do it, so we will ignore it for now. Thinking like a dealer will start to have you play a bit away from convention. I am not condoning playing this way like a robot, but rather consider it every once in a while. The fact is that not every time the dealer is showing a face card means that they are sitting on 20. If you hit on 14 because the dealer was showing a King, you are almost assuring yourself of losing that round, while there is at least a chance that the dealer has something other than a face card, ten, or an ace. Practice playing like this for small stakes playing online blackjack. You will get a feel for when to do it, and see if it makes sense.


We stated earlier that we were going to ignore card counting as a blackjack basic, however we should point out that as a general rule, you should consider the current weighting of the shoe. This by no means is scientific like counting, but rather this is just developing your instincts to better play educated guesses. Know how many decks are in the shoe, and realize that there is a finite number of each card in there. For example, if there are seven decks, this means that in the beginning, there are twenty-eight aces available. If you just saw five or six come out in the first few deals, you know that proportionately the deck is light on aces going forward. Start off finding tables that use one or three decks and start practicing.

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