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Blackjack Tips Part 1: What you need to know to help you play smarter and win more often

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Are you nervous about playing Blackjack? You shouldn’t be. It’s the house who should be nervous. Why? Because you’re going to win. And win big like a card counting champion who knows exactly how to manage a bankroll and steamroll it into something impressive. Keep reading for all the smart advice you need to know.

Never accept free drinks


The next time you pop into a casino only to discover that they don’t offer free alcohol like they do in Vegas, thank your lucky stars. Casinos want you to drink up, which is why they hand out alcohol like it’s going out of style. Drunk Blackjack players make stupid mistakes. I’ll give you an example. I was at a casino with a good friend a few years ago and he was plastered beyond belief. Being the responsible one, I wasn’t, which is why I can recount this story. He was dealt a 5 and 2. He had a 7. The dealer showed a 10. He decided to stay, which was the worst move of all time. He had 7. Hitting would make it impossible for him to bust. Unfortunately, he was too drunk to realize his mistake.

Never split tens if the dealer has a 7 or higher


A lot of Blackjack players will split tens against a dealer’s 7. Their argument is that while the dealer might have a 10 under there, chances are you’re going to hit at least one other 10 if you split the pair. At worst, you’d break even. And if you ask the dealer what conventional Blackjack strategy says you should do, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you splitting is a good idea. But the reality is splitting is good for the house, not for you. So don’t split them.

Tipping isn’t mandatory


You should never feel like you have to tip. Of course, if the dealer has dealt you solid win after solid win, it doesn’t hurt to slip them a chip. But dealers who hint that you should tip? They’re just not cool. Some dealers will insinuate that tipping is mandatory with phrases like “You’ve been sitting here for a long time and have notched quite a few wins….so you’re welcome” followed by a wink. When that happens, just wink back.

Insurance is for losers


When the dealer shows an Ace, you’ll be invited to take insurance. It’s a sucker’s bet. Don’t do it. Most of the time, the dealer won’t have a 10 under there, at least as far as odds are concerned. Unless you’ve been counting cards, this is a bet to avoid.

Dealers can give you advice if you want it


Aside from the whole “split any tens” thing we mentioned above, 99.999% of Blackjack dealers know basic strategy. If you haven’t yet memorized basic Blackjack strategy, don’t worry. Simply ask the dealer, “What does the book say to do?” when you’re dealt a hand you’re not sure how to play. They’ll provide you with the advice. Remember, dealers want to see you win because in the end, winning means you’ll tip them. Plus, they don’t actually profit extra if the house wins, so they really do have an interest in seeing you succeed.

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