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Blackjack Tips Part 2: The secrets to help you become a Blackjack champion

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Last week, we brought you lots of tips to help you win at Blackjack. We received a lot of comments from our players, many of whom asked for more tips. So, in keeping with our commitment to bring you secret casino knowledge, we’ve got 5 more Blackjack tips for you this week. Here we go….

Showing your players rewards card benefits them more than you


When you sit down to play Blackjack in a live casino, you’re often asked for your rewards card. Most people think it’s their ticket to free buffet dinners, hotel stays, and merchandise. And while that is true, handing over your card is actually more beneficial to the casino. By keeping track of the games you play and the bets you make, they’re able to tailor their marketing efforts better and in turn make more money off of you. That really doesn’t apply to the online world where it’s really all about the rewards.

You can play more than one hand…or not


If you’re sitting at a Blackjack table and you don’t like the way the cards are hitting the felt, you can try and mix things up by playing another hand at the table. Some casinos only allow this for those who have a player’s rewards card, but others allow anyone to do it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel inclined to keep playing multiple hands. Unless the rules clearly state it, you can play two hands, then one hand, then two hands, and so on. The dealer might try and sway you from doing so, but it’s not his or her call.

Always split eights, regardless of what the dealer says


When you’re dealt eights, you should always split them. That’s true whether the dealer has a 6 or a face card. Some Blackjack dealers will urge you to not split eights in certain scenarios, but don’t pay attention. Eight, like Aces, are always worth splitting.

You can take even money if you hit Blackjack


There’s no better feeling than being dealt an Ace and a 10 at the Blackjack table. But that amazing feeling can suddenly turn ugly when the dealer’s up card is also an Ace. There’s a chance he has a 10 under there and if that’s the case, you push. But at many casinos, you can actually land a win and walk away with money. Instead of the traditional Blackjack payout that’s waiting for you if the dealer has anything other than Blackjack, you can opt to take even money (that means a $10 bet would net you $10) and walk away before seeing the other dealer’s down card. Most dealers won’t advertise this at land-based casinos, but it’s generally offered across the board.

You can surrender at many casinos


If you don’t want to face off against the dealer because you either have a gut feeling or you’ve done the math and realize that your odds of winning are super low, you can surrender. When you do, you give half your bet back. So surrendering on a $50 bet means that you give $25 to the house and take back your $25. Some people think that Surrendering is for suckers, but considering a lot of casinos don’t offer the option, it can actually be beneficial for the player when they do.

We’ve got even more tips for you, but we’ll save them for another day. In the mean time, go enjoy some Blackjack. We’ve got the traditional online flavor and the live dealer version where you can play against a real person. So go ahead and explore everything we have to offer here at Prism Casino.

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