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Casino jargon you should know to sound like a pro

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You’re good at Blackjack. You own the roulette tables. You kill it at Baccarat. And the slots? They bow down to you. Except there’s one catch. Most of your experience is limited to playing online where there really isn’t a lot to worry about.

But if you’re transitioning to the offline casino world, you’re going to be hit with all kinds of jargon that could leave you confused. Today, we’re explaining the most important ones, so take a look.

Action: This could refer two both the total sum of all bets on the table as well as gambling in general.

Bankroll: When you come to a casino, or when you deposit to an online casino, you have a specific amount of money to play with. This is known as your bankroll. You should consider your bankroll to be the total amount you are comfortable with losing.


Break the Deck: At any point, a dealer may choose to reshuffle the cards. This could happen if there is a suspected card counter at the table, or if something at the table occurred that caused the game to be interrupted, like cards being dropped off the table.

Cage: Also known as the Cashier both online and offline, this is where you go to exchange your chips for cash. Online, you’ll hit the Cashier to withdraw your money or deposit funds.


Change Colors: Since all online casino chips are digital, this one doesn’t really apply. But when you play at a casino and win big, you may find yourself sitting with twenty-three $25 chips. Since this is worth $575, it’s easier (and safe) for you to leave the table with five black $100 chips and three $25 chips for a total of eight chips. This is called changing colors, or coloring up.

Comps: A free room. A gift certificate for the buffet. A complimentary wristwatch. Drinks at the bar, on the house. These are all called Comps, short for complimentary. Comps aren’t just restricted to the online world.

Double Down: When you double your bet in Blackjack and accepting just one card on top of your original two, this is called doubling down.


George: If you’re a good tipper, you’ll be referred to as George by casino staff.

Shill: Live casinos wants to always look busy. A dead casino gives off the impression that no one is winning. So sometimes, casinos will use paid contractors to sit down and play games. These people are called shills.

Stiff: If you don’t tip, you’ll be known as a stiff among casino personnel. Don’t worry, in the only world, it doesn’t matter if you’re a stiff. We don’t accept tips.

Washing the Cards: When you sit down to play a table game, the dealer doesn’t just shuffle a deck of cards out of the box. If he or she is coming to the table for the first time, the dealer spreads them out on the table and moves them around, randomly mixing them together.

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