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Double Bonus Strategy Card to Help You Win!

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The use of strategy card is confusing for first timers. This article is intended to help those who want to win using their Double Bonus Strategy Card. If you are one of them, you will then realize that winning your game will be easy once you know how to do tricks with your cards. Everything will then come naturally like your reflexes.

To give you a vivid picture of what you’ll be dealing with, you will have two columns: The “Hands” that is located at the right which includes the list of cards that you will possibly have. The “Priority” column that is located at the left which includes the list of cards that you can use for pairing, and these are arranged according to their value or importance.

The game mainly revolves around pairing and combining of cards. The greater the combination that you have, the bigger the chances you will have of winning. Moreover, the best tip that I can mention is to think of probably three moves in advance at a time. You need to be very quick in thinking. Remember that you’re playing a betting game and you need to be smart enough to outwit your opponents.


Once you have your first cards, think immediately of the highest pairing combination that you will get from your “Hands”. This game is all about having the highest value of card pairs. Keep the cards that will give you the winning combination and re-shuffle the remaining cards that you think are less important in your game.

You may also re-shuffle all of your cards. If you find more than one combination of good pairs, just get the pair with the highest value from your “Hands” column. Then, re-draw the rest of the cards that have lower values. Don’t fail to choose the highest value for your pair. You can try the steps for as long as you want until you will feel comfortable with getting the best combination for your cards.

If you think that you will need to take note or list down a lot of cards, don’t. You don’t need to have a list of the card combinations that you tried during your rehearsals. You can however do a review from the uppermost part of your list, familiarize the first combinations, and spot the first card that will give you the best “hand” combination. It’s guaranteed that your quickness to spot what you need will improve every attempt. You will know that your knowledge is ripe enough for a real competition, if the process will no longer confuse you.

Don’t expect to be good with what you’re doing on the first or second try. This is game involves quick thinking, and getting the feel of it will take time. However, the time varies depending on the person’s interest or sharpness of memory.

This Double Bonus Strategy Card will continue to help you as you progress with your practice. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Just take everything easily. Learning this strategy is not something that you can learn overnight. However, once you’ve familiarized or mastered everything, you can even play and win the game with your eyes half-closed.

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