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How Smart Players Use Roulette Strategies to Counter Losses

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Any roulette strategy out there that claims to beat the odds simply isn’t based on any mathematical principles. Roulette is a game that has a built in house advantage. Therefore, any true roulette player should be wary of any strategy or system that is touting increased winning percentages or better odds in general. If you are truly looking for an edge, focus on strategies that are based on limiting, or countering losses. This can be achieved through effective bankroll management and discipline.


The rationale behind the importance of bankroll management and overall discipline is that these are things that the player can control. Conversely, the outcome of spins in the roulette game and the randomness of the game in general are completely out of your control. Like with any game, effective money management can go a long way to limiting losses and mitigating losing streaks. This can be done by employing loss limits. The basic premise behind this strategy is that the player will establish what they consider to be the upper limit of their loss tolerance for a particular time period. This limit will also serve as their upper limit to winnings. In other words, this is what they consider their “day’s pay”.

Let’s assume it a player states their limit is $250, then regardless of whether or not they lose $250 or win $250, the will shut up shop for the day. This means that they eliminate the risk of getting mired into a protracted losing streak. In addition, it prevents them for chasing after these loses by throwing good money after bad. The same would apply for the winnings. Should a player get on a hot streak, the last thing they want to do is give it all back over the session, which is bound to happen if you play long enough given that the odds are stacked in favor of the house.


Another form of the upper limit strategy is that you would reestablish your loss tolerance once you pass through your upper limit. For example, using the same limit of $250 as we stated earlier, you start off hot for the day and earn the $250 within the first hour of playing. Under normal circumstances, you would walk away for the evening, but using this strategy, you will play past this limit. Instead, you will put your subsequent winnings at risk, and play until you have lost that. So in other words, you put your $250 winnings away, then you profit an additional $50. You will play with that $50 until you have lost that. This strategy will allow you to ride a hot hand.

One of the other ways to counter your losses is to shorten up your odds. When suffering though a mini losing streak, you need to get some wins under your belt. With roulette, one of the easiest ways to do this is to stop betting on the individual numbers. Play the red or black to get increase your chances of cashing and get some momentum back on your side.

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