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How to Beat Slot Machines with a Low Budget

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Slot machines are governed by an electronic random number generator. This means that there are algorithms going on behind the scenes that you most likely will never be able to predict. Much life surfing, the trick is to put you in a position to catch a wave at the right time. An overlooked piece of this, is staying afloat long enough for this to happen. Developing a strategy can be an effective way to win at slots, even online slots.


Reducing your odds… of losing

Many slot player chase jackpots. That is, they realize how random winning really is, and they also realize that they do not have much in the way of control over what happens. They essentially reserve themselves to the fate that slot machines will payout however they were going to payout, and why not try for the mega-jackpot than trying for a few hundred bucks. Well, the answer is that slot machines are programmed to payout at a certain rate, and therefore are programmed to lose at a certain rate. The higher a single payout in a slot machine can be, the higher the loss rates. Therefore, playing slot machines with four or five reels may lead to a higher jackpot amount; they also lead to a worse performance and more losses. Instead, opt to play three reel machines and increase your odds of winning.

More bang for your buck

A penny saved, is a penny earned. Applying that logic to a night out playing slot machines could lead you to play smaller stakes, such as penny or nickel slots. You can play a long time on just one twenty dollar bill, and have just enough fun. Granted, your payout will not be anywhere near as high as on the higher stakes slots, but at least your losses will not be as high either waiting for the slot gods to reward you.

Keep track

If you really want to get a feel for which slots are paying out and with what consistency, try investing some time and stop jumping around. Each night, limit yourself to a few slots and keep track as to your performance. Get a feel for the slot machines that pay out with some consistency, even if they are smaller amounts. Learn where the machines are hot, and gravitate toward them.

Slot machines are random; there is no way around that. Therefore any attempts to develop a strategy will be inherently flawed by nature. That is fine, because any attempt to develop a strategy is still better than simply doing nothing and blindly feeding slot machine after slot machine. Taking some time to hone your skills at anticipating patterns of payouts and exhibiting money discipline is the key to success of any casino game, not just slot machines. If you don’t trust yourself inside of casino to do so, then try just playing through online slots.

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