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How to Have a Casino Party at Home

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At Prism Casino, we have been asked this question a few times and believe me, I think many of us, the staff, could become casino party planners. Throwing a casino party at your own home is one of the greatest events you will have and your friends will most certainly love it.

And guess what? You can throw the party and have a wonderful time regardless of your budget. In my opinion, the keys to a great casino party are the costumes, getting people excited about the party and the decorations. If you have these down, your party will be a success. Check out these tips:


The invitations: If you have a great budget, then get the coolest invitations you can find. Make sure you match the invitation colors with the balloons or decorations you will choose. Nowadays, you might want to consider a great online invitation you can send via email. Also, you might want to create an event on Facebook. Remember, we all live in Facebook. Plus, you can continue posting fun comments or pictures that will work your guest’s excitement about the party. If you don’t have that big of a budget, the previous tips will also work for you. Make sure your invitation focuses on the fun environment that you want to create.


The costumes: Imagine the sort of costumes you want people to wear. Is it the 1920’s, James Bond’s style or are you going to ask people to dress in green taking advantage of St. Patrick’s Day? At your casino party, any theme goes.


The games: You can choose to just set up different tables of card games around the house and have a friend be the moderator or dealer of that one table. Sometimes people may be having such a great time, that the majority won’t even play that much. Now, if you’re throwing a serious casino party, there are companies that rent casino tables and even offer the services of dealers. If you’re having a small fund raiser, they might also help you with managing the funds you collect at the party.

Depending on your budget and the space at your home, you can rent as many gambling tables as you desire. These companies also offer fun money to bet with, but then, you could also print it from the web or even have it costume-made with your picture in it. (Just a thought.)


Decorations: If you’re throwing a big bash, these companies offer many ideas and even equipment to set up great casino decorations. If your budget is low, buy dozens of boxes of cards. Place these cards all over the house. Use them as coasters, place them all over the buffet area, place them in your bathroom or you can even spread them on the floor. Get tons of balloons with the same colors as your invitations. Make sure the music represents the theme of the party. If you chose the extravagant casino theme, place golden beads and feathers all over the house. Play with your decorations and above all, have fun with them.


Food and drinks: Get lots of delicious goodies to nibble on. If you can afford to have lots of food, make sure they’re all in appetizers’ sizes. Don’t make this party about sitting down to eat a big meal. The lighter the food is, the better. As for alcohol, the more cocktails you can serve, the better! Did you know that making a huge pot of Sangria is actually very easy and cheap? Try it! Your guests will love it!

What’s left for me to say is: have fun. This is your party!

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