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How to Read Slot Machines

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If you are new to playing slot machines it can be a bit overwhelming when first sitting down to test your luck with these one arm bandits. Not knowing how to play slots and what all the information is can cost your sanity and money at the same time.

The first aspect to understand is that all slots are not created equal. Each specific slot will have very different rules, ranging from payout structure to how many lines can be played. Some machines simply aren’t worth playing due to their terrible payout scale. Finding the best slot machine to play, the one with the best chance of winning will greatly increase your chances of winning big. Knowing how to read a slot machine may seem like you needs a degree in math, but in reality it’s not all that complicated.

1. How many lines can be played

The first aspect of reading a slot machine is to notice how many lines can be played on one spin. Some slots will have a single line, but most of the slots available these days can have up to 50. There will be a detailed description of how each of these lines is calculated to pay out. They don’t always go straight across or up and down. A lot of times they will go diagonal, corners and even zigzag. Playing each line will cost an additional coin as well.

2. How much does the slot cost to play

Perhaps the most important feature to look for when reading a slot machine is how much it costs. As I discussed above, it will cost you the amount specified for each spin and each line to play. If you are looking to play for the maximum payout on each slot, you need to determine how much you can afford to spend. Obviously f you only have $50, playing a $1.00 slot with 10 playable lines will only last you 5 spins.

3. Know how to win the slot

When you start spinning the wheels of destiny, you want to make sure you understand how the slots will payout. Meaning, what sequence of numbers, symbols or whatever needs to be hit in order to win. This can be found by clicking the rules tab for that slot online or on the front of the slot in a live casino.Don’t be afraid to ask someone for assistance if you aren’t 100% sure of the rules.

When you first start to read slots it can be a bit confusing, but in no time it will become second nature. If you are curious how slots work and would like to get a feel on how slots are played you can check out the online slots available. Prism Casino offers free slots to help polish your slot reading and strategy skills.

If you have further tips on reading slots please feel free to comment and we will make sure to add them in.

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