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How to separate a real casino from a fake one

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For every casino that wants you to have a great time, there are a handful of casinos that exist just to take your money with no intention of paying you out when you win. There are also casinos where it’s almost entirely impossible to win anything because their software is out of date, flawed, or fixed.

Before you drop your gloves and walk away, there’s good news. There are lots of great sites out there. Yes, Prism Casino is one of them. But we also admit that we have some great competition. All of the good guys abide by the same principles of treating players fairly, paying out winners quickly, and providing a welcoming environment.

But it’s not the good guys you need to worry about. It’s the sketchy guys. So we’re laying it all out on the table. Keep reading to discover how to tell a real casino from a fake one.

Check out Facebook and social media

Real casinos tend to have an online presence in social media. The top real casinos are active on Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter, engaging their audience with incentives and promotions. If a site isn’t on Facebook, or if they only have a handful of hands, stay away.


Look for new games

If you can figure out who the software provider is, you can find out what their latest games are. Active software providers release at least a few games a year. If the online casino you’re playing it doesn’t offer the latest games, chances are they only exist to take your money and have no intention of paying you out. The site could very well be run out of someone’s basement.

Look for a blog or news section

It’s key that the blog has a lot of content and timely news items. If it appears to be recycled content from elsewhere on the web, stay far away. But if they offer news items relating to something that has happened recently in the news, you know they’re real. Plus, if they can employ a news team, you know they’re in the same league as a land-based casino.


Read disclaimers for payout times

Which site would you trust more? An online casino that says they’ll pay you out same day? Or an online casino that says payments could take up to 2 weeks, depending on the withdrawal method. If you said the former, you might want to think again. Casinos that overpromise are usually sketchy. We offer payments as quick as 2 days depending on whether you’ve used a bonus or not. But the reality is there are security measures and industry factors that affect payout times, so when a casino overpromises, it often ends up being an empty promise.

Read reviews online

Find out what real people have to say about the casino you’re thinking about signing up to play at. You can find reviews online for many sites from people who have played there. But remember, not every review is accurate. Many casinos receive angry reviews from disgruntled players who don’t like that they’ve lost, so weight the merits of each review before you make a final decision.

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