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Learn American Roulette In a Few Easy Steps

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If you’re looking for a new game or just thinking of adding in new ones to your repertoire, American Roulette should be your next choice. Its simple rules and big win potential make Roulette one of the better casino games to play.

If you have never played American Roulette lets lay out the rules and how the game is played. It’s quite simple and if you’ve played European Roulette in the past, you will notice they are almost the same.

The Layout

A typical roulette table will feature a wheel, a ball that the dealer spins in the wheel. The ball is used to determine the winners. The wheel has numbers which are red or black that has slots for the ball to fall in. There will also be a single zero and a double zero which are green. This is the only difference between American Roulette and European. The Euro version will only have a single zero.

The betting area will have every number on the wheel that can be wagered on. You can also place many side bets such as: red or black, odd or even, blocks of numbers, the first 12, second 12 and 3rd 12 and many more. The numbers part of the betting table is laid out in a grid. You can bet on lines of numbers, a set of four and so on.

The Goal

Your overall goal in American Roulette is to guess or pick where the ball land. The dealer or Croupier will spin the wheel and drop the ball into the spinning wheel. Bets can be placed until the dealer waves his arm over the table and announces no more bets. Once the ball lands at its destination, all winning bets are paid and losing ones are collected.

The Odds

The safe bets are the red/black and odd/even as you have just about a 50% chance to win. The placement of the single and double zeros is there to make the house edge slightly in their favor. Without these, the odds of the even money payout bets would literally be 50/50 and the house would never make money.

Even Money Bets

These bets pay even money and have a 47.34% chance to win


•Black Odd




2-1 Bets

These bets pay 2-1 and have a probability of 31.58% chance to win.




Various Bets

•Set of 6 numbers – Pays 5-1 with a 15.79% chance to win

•Set of 5 numbers – Pays 6-1 with a 13.16% chance to win

•Corner (4 numbers) – Pays 8-1 with a 10.53% chance to win

•Street (3numbers) – Pays 11-1 with a 7.89% chance to win

•Split (2 numbers) – Pays 17-1 with 5.26% chance to win

•Single number – Pays 35-1 with a 2.63% chance to win

The even money bets are some of the better bets in a casino that offer the player good odds. The riskier bets won’t hit as often, but the payouts can be large. If you were to just $1 on a single number, you would win $35. Not a bad return on your money!

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