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Playing Craps like a Pro

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If you want to get a feel for the full casino experience, there’s no better place to start than the craps table. It’s got the odds, the social atmosphere and the excitement that have made the casino industry among the fastest growing in the world for decades.

Getting started at craps is pretty easy: Throw some chips down on the pass line bet, bolster it a little following the come-out roll with the no-house-edge odds bet and get ready to cheer when the entire table comes out a winner. If you’ve got that down, you’re ready to get started, but that’s playing like a beginner. If you want to play craps like a true professional, you’ve come to the right place!


Let’s take a closer look at a big time tip that’ll make you look like a seasoned vet at the tables.

The Fours and Tens

The bets we went over before are the basics, and they offer great odds to get your craps experience started, but there is more to craps than the pass line. Many gamblers favor the six or eight bets, which pay out if a six or eight is rolled before a seven. They pay out 7:6 odds, meaning that you’ll collect $35 on a $30 bet for either of these numbers. If you bet on both, you’ll increase your chances of winning, but it’ll put more of your money at risk. If a seven comes up, you’ll need to win twice as much in order to come out on top. Let’s study the odds.

Statistically, a seven will come up approximately six times in 36 rolls, while sixes and eights will only come up ten times combined. In 36 rolls, this would amount to ten wins of $35 and six losses of $60, netting a loss of $10 on average. While this provides a decent chance of beating the odds and winning, pros know that there’s a better bet available.


Fours and tens (combined) should come up six times in 36 rolls, which is identical to the odds of rolling a seven. By betting $25 on both the four and ten, you should win $45 six times and lose $50 six times, providing a net loss of $30, which is $20 worse than the sixes and eights. However, these numbers provide some unique opportunities.

At some casinos, fours and tens can be bought for a five percent commission that is only charged when you win. If this is the case, the odds of a four or ten become identical to that of a seven, providing a basis to advantage even odds at the table, not counting the vigs. For six wins with the commission, you’ll only, statistically, lose $6, which is a $4 improvement over the popular sixes and eights betting strategy.

If you want to play craps like a pro, remember this strategy. The fours and tens provide pro players with an opportunity to minimize risk, maximize play rewards and, with a little luck, walk out of the casino with a boosted bankroll!

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