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Protect Your Slot Machine Winnings

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Slot machines are one of the most played games in any casino, and they are a popular online casino game as well. When you win the jackpot, the excitement can be heady, but there are dangers in winning money. Protecting your winnings is a smart decision.

Games of chance are just that, games of “chance”. You may or may not actually win money, but when you do, you should probably stop and think of ways to protect your money from loss, theft, or bad investments.



When we mention loss, what we mean is losing the money trying to make more money. While casinos are a great place to try your luck at winning more money, they are also a great place to lose all the money you lost. Don’t get us wrong! We love it when you stop by and play our slot games and get excited about your slot machine winnings, but we never encourage players to play unwisely. Gambling addiction can be harmful, and we want your gaming experience to be a good one.



Slot machine winnings are like a beacon of green light to shifty, underhanded thieves. As soon as you cash out your rewards, but there are people just waiting to take your rightful winnings from you; pick pocket you when you aren’t looking, mugging you in the parking lot, or coming out of the woodwork to “ask for a loan.” You can protect your slot machine winnings by being careful where you go and what you do once you’ve won.

If at all possible, put your winnings directly into the bank. Have someone escort you from the casino to your car. To avoid having your money stolen by “family and friends”, make sure to steel yourself against the guilt trips and whining that may develop.

Bad Investments


Making investments to see your money grow is a good idea, but jumping head long into investing is a bad idea. Before you invest, speak with a financial advisor. Protecting your winnings through smart investing can actually win you more money – then you can spend that money playing an occasional game of slots on your favorite online gaming portal.

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