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The Single Deck Blackjack Strategy For Newbies

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Want to know how can you really beat the House and increase your bankroll by playing blackjack? Look no further, Prism Casino brings you the Ultimate Single Deck Blackjack Strategy that, done well, can really help you get ahead of the game and beat the dealer.

All single deck games are dealt face down; of course the goal is to reach 21 or a higher number than what the dealer has without going over 21. You will be dealt the first two cards facing, the rest will be facing up.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Insurance: The insurance is a side bet for up to half of your original bet, you will be asked if you want insurance if the dealer gets an Ace during the first round. Insurance pays 2-1 if the dealer has a blackjack (21).

Splitting: You can split your game into two separate games if you have a pair of cards that are valued at 10 (kings, queens, jacks). You can split your cards up to 3 times.

Double your bet: You can double your original bet on any two cards game.

Standing: Means you don’t want any more cards.

Hit: When you say “hit” on blackjack, it means you want one more card to be dealt on your game.

Soft: Aces are valued as either 1 or 11. A “soft” total means you have an ace and can use it as 11 without going over 21;

Hard: means you are not counting the Ace as an 11 in your current total.

Advantage: Your winnings divided by your action

Action: The total amount of money of your bet.

Best Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

Now the good part: using this strategy you will certainly eliminate the house edge on single deck games and it doesn’t involve any card counting at all. It’s very simple and it can really help you improve your game, it is also the simplest single deck blackjack strategy:

Double your bet on 10 and 11 only, don’t test your luck too much with other hands. No splitting of aces. Keep in mind that suited Blackjack pays 2-1.

Another cool thing about this strategy is that you can also use it while you play single deck blackjack online.

Now there is another way to beat the house that is just as easy:

Kelly Criterion Strategy

With the Kelly Criterion you can minimize your chances of losing: divide your bankroll and only bet 1-4 units on each hand, this will make your bet on a percentage of your bankroll which is optimal on this game. Always limit your top bet to about 1/100 of your total bankroll.

So there you go two very good and proven blackjack strategies that can help no to only beat the house edge, but also increase your bankroll in no time. Ready to test your new found skills on quick game of Blackjack?

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