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The Top 5 Roulette Strategy Books You Should Be Reading

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Roulette is a game of chance for the most part. We place a bet on a number or color and hope the ball lands on our pick. There are Roulette strategies that can help you overcome the luck factor and put more money in your pocket.

There are many books that contain Roulette systems or strategies that claim to let you win at roulette every time. While no one will ever win at Roulette all the time, there are ways to beat the game and take control of your fate. Below is a list of the top 5 roulette books that you should read.

John Patrick’s Roulette: A Pros Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel

This book is by renowned gambler, John Patrick. It is not necessarily a guide to beat Roulette; it is more of a way to manage your money while playing. There are some tips on what bets to make, but the meat of the book is about managing your bankroll. This aspect of gambling often goes overlooked and Patrick covers this topic very well.

Beating the Wheel: the System that Has Won Over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo

This book by Russell T. Barnhart helps you detect faulty wheels. A faulty wheel can be predictable, thus making it easier to place a bet on the winning numbers. He describes in an easy to read way how to spot defective wheels and how to exploit them.

Gamble to Win Roulette

R.D. Ellison is the author of this book and he approaches the game with a clear and concise mind. The roulette strategies he discusses are more based on betting strategies, but these can be an invaluable tool to a gambler. He also describes the differences between English and French Roulette and how to use strategies in each.

Secrets of Winning Roulette

The self proclaimed “Doctor of Gambling” Marten Jensen authors this 200 page book on how to beat Roulette. It covers many aspects of the game including why play Roulette, betting strategies and even cheating. He doesn’t advocate cheating, but it is a nice read on the history of how cheating has evolved and what techniques are sued.

How to Win at Roulette

Norman Squire writes how to beat Roulette in this 1960’s classic that has been re published and revised. The 222 pages cover a wide range of tactics that include, Alembert Method, Artificial Random and many more Roulette systems.

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