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Three things that are wrong with your keno winning strategy

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Keno is a game a chance and luck, not of strategy and skill. That is the first overriding principle you must abide by before you even want to go down the road of honing your winning keno strategy. Wait, did I just say that? Did I just say that Keno is not a game of strategy, then went on to say that you have to remember that when developing your strategy? Yes, but before shooting over nasty emails, allow me to explain myself.

Part of the charm of mastering a game is to understand what the game is and what it isn’t. At its core, it is simply a series of number being called randomly. Equally as random, they may or may not match up to the numbers selected on your card. It is about as random as walking up to someone on the street and asking them to pick a number between 1 and 100, and hoping it is the same one you are thinking of. Now try the same thing, but ask ten random people to pick the ten random numbers you picked. Even tougher, isn’t it?

While it may be tougher, it is not impossible, and there are ways to make it easier on yourself. The problem is that many people will employ a strategy, to use a term loosely, that has some major flaws in it. Below are three of the major mistakes people make attempting to create a winning strategy with keno.

1. Getting sentimental


The universe is random, but your grand-kids’ birthdays are not. There is no reason to keep playing the same set of numbers over and over again because they hold some sort of value to you. Cash is cash, it will not pay more because you hit little Timmy’s birthday while playing keno. Instead, opt to play random numbers, and change them up. If the numbers are going to be selected randomly anyway, shouldn’t your picks be as well? Okay, I admit that may be an oversimplification, but the point it why try to bring order into chaos. Just ride the wave and see what happens.

2. Playing with bills money


One the biggest mistakes I see in casinos or race tracks is that people are playing with money they shouldn’t. This fact will destroy any system you think you have. You will constantly be on tilt and it will influence your game play. The game should be played for fun. You should be relaxed and having a good time when you play keno. You shouldn’t be worried about where you are going to get money to play your electric bill.

3. Playing too many numbers


To go back to the “ask 100 people to guess a number” theory, many players simply pick too many numbers. You need to strike the right balance between the amount of numbers you pick and the potential payoff. Picking anywhere between 4 to 6 numbers is optimal.

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